CTET Social Science

CTET Social Science | Syllabus, Books, Notes & Papers

CTET Social Science

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Conducted to recruit the Talented teachers for CBSE Schools. As you all Know the CTET Exam Date has been Scheduled ie. July 05, 2020. So there’s hardly less time left for the Exam Preparation. the foremost thing is to know the exact paper pattern, syllabus, Notes, and Previous year papers. In this Blog, we will Explain the detailed CTET Social Science Syllabus, Download Reference Notes, Books and Previous year Papers PDF.

CTET Social Science

CTET consists of Paper I and Paper II as you all know and certain subjects differ in both papers. The syllabus of paper I and Paper II has a few different subjects like science and social science. CTET Exam Paper II is for the aspirants who want to teach the students of Class 6th to 8th. In one of my former articles, this article is going to be based on CTET Social Science. Social Science is one of the key subjects in CTET Paper-II and you will receive more questions from this syllabus when compared to all other CTET subjects like mathematics and science, child development and pedagogy, Language I and Language II. So, you should really focus on the subject of social science to crack a good score in the upcoming CTET. 

CTET Social Science Syllabus

It is imperative to know the CTET syllabus of every subject to prepare well for the test. Only if you know the units you can make your revision advantageous. Also, you should know how many questions will appear from the CTET Social science syllabus and how many marks it will carry. Well, you will have 60 questions from the social science topic out of 150 total questions and it will carry 60 marks. Again, the CTET syllabus paper 2 social science will be divided into two sections and the questions will be segregated according to it. 

Here is the Detailed CTET Exam Pattern 2020

The main content will include units like History, Geography, and Social and Political Life which will carry 40 marks for 40 questions. From the Pedagogical Issues, you will get 20 questions carrying 20 marks. Even though CTET Social Science Pedagogy carries only 20 marks, never overlook it. If you are looking for the units of CTET Social Science, you can find that below. 

  1. a) Content


  • When, Where and How
  • The Earliest Societies
  • The First Farmers and Herders
  • The First Cities
  • Early States
  • New Ideas
  • The First Empire
  • Contacts with Distant lands
  • Political Developments
  • Culture and Science
  • New Kings and Kingdoms
  • Sultans of Delhi
  • Architecture
  • Creation of an Empire
  • Social Change
  • Regional Cultures
  • The Establishment of Company Power
  • Rural Life and Society
  • Colonialism and Tribal Societies
  • The Revolt of 1857-58
  • Women and reform
  • Challenging the Caste System
  • The Nationalist Movement
  • India After Independence


  • Geography as a social study and as a science
  • Planet: Earth in the solar system
  • Globe
  • Environment in its totality: natural and human environment
  • Air
  • Water
  • Human Environment: settlement, transport, and communication
  • Resources: Types-Natural and Human
  • Agriculture

Social and Political Life

  • Diversity
  • Government
  • Local Government
  • Making a Living
  • Democracy
  • State Government
  • Understanding Media
  • Unpacking Gender
  • The Constitution
  • Parliamentary Government
  • The Judiciary
  • Social Justice and the Marginalized

(b) Pedagogical issues

  • Concept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies
  • Class Room Processes, activities, and discourse
  • Developing Critical thinking
  • Inquiry/Empirical Evidence
  • Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies
  • Sources – Primary & Secondary
  • Projects Work
  • Evaluation

Have a closer look at the above-mentioned units of CTET syllabus paper 2 social science and make a plan for your revision accordingly, so that you will not have to worry about missing out any of the topics that you require for the test. You can also check for NCERT Social Science Books for Class VI to VIII to know what chapters are included in their textbooks.

CTET Social Science Books, Notes and Papers

Revising with the textbooks that you have is good. But that can only cover your basic topics. To score well, you need to take an extra step and find out the best ways to learn and practice well before the CTET commences. For that, we can guide you with many effective options that can enhance your learning pattern, resulting in an advanced revision to score well. Apart from the books you have, you should make sure that you have additional books from various top publishers. CTET Books can be easily found online as well.

Best Books for CTET Social Science

  • CTET Pedagogy and Social Science by Pearson
  • Success Master CTET Social Science by Arihant Publication
  • Social Science and Pedagogy CTET and TETs Class VI-VIII by Arihant
  • CTET Paper II Elementary Level Social Science for Class 6 to 8 by R. K Pandey

 If you want to download some PDF format for a certain book, then that can also be found at Kopykitab website. As I mentioned earlier, books cannot give you a full-fledged and advanced learning. You will definitely need more materials to prep up for the CTET. For that, you should have proper notes of the syllabus. 

CTET Paper 2 Social Science Notes 

Another most Important for Social Science CTET Preparation is Study Notes dor SST which will help you in learning all the units with ease. Such notes will include all the relevant topics you need to learn for CTET Syllabus. Moreover, you should also have sample question papers to practice and solve the questions. CTET is an objective type test wherein you will have questions along with choices. You will only have to mark the correct answer against each question.

Download CTET Paper 2 Study Material

CTET Social Science Previous Year Papers

 If you are a person who has not undergone MCQs, then you need to solve sample questions papers for sure. By answering sample papers, you will gain confidence and at the same time, you can understand the exam pattern well. Another advantage of solving the CTET previous Question Papers is improving time management. All the candidates will only have 150 minutes to complete the test and you can practice that at home with the help of CTET Social Science Question Paper PDF. Another major thing you have to be sure about is the medium of language that you are planning to appear the test for. As you may know, CTET is conducted in two languages – Hindi and English. If you want Hindi books of social science you can check for CTET Book in Hindi for social science. Various other CTET Books PDF will be available for you to take your study to a whole new level. Let all of you score well and get your dream job as a CBSE Elementary School Teachers and develop your student’s skills according to their ability and creativity. 

Essentials for CTET Exam 2020 

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we have covered all the syllabus, notes and previous year’s papers Information for Social Science Subject. Any doubts feel free to post your queries in the comment section.

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