CTET Prepare Tips 2022: Experts Preparation Strategy For CTET Exam

CTET Preparation Tips

CTET Preparation 2022: CTET exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education in the online mode as Computer Based Test (CBT). CTET is one of the toughest exams in India. After clearing CTET Exam applicants are eligible to teach classes 1 to 8. Qualifying in the examination is the basic criteria to become a teacher. That’s why aspirants need strategic planning to prepare for this exam.

To ease out your preparation and score more in the upcoming CTET 2022 Exam, we have provided the detailed CTET Preparation Tips here.

Ultimate CTET Preparation Tips

Candidates who are appearing for the upcoming CTET Exam can go through the CTET Preparation tips mentioned below in order to score high. By going through these simple CTET Preparation tips and implementing them in your studies, can definitely achieve top rank and clear the CTET 2022 Exam. Ultimate CTET Books and Study Materials By KopyKitab

Know Basic Information About the CTET Exam

The Central Teaching Eligibility Test (CTET) is a national-level entrance exam conducted for candidates who are interested to join the post of a school teacher for grades 1 to 8. Applicants who will register for the CTET Exam 2022 must understand how to prepare for the assessment.

Applicants registering for the CTET Exam 2022 should read the outline of the exam format from the table mentioned below before heading into the description of the CTET Preparation Strategies:

Name of the Exam Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)
Conducting Body Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Number of Papers Two
Mode of Exam Offline
Medium of Language Hindi and English
Number of Sections Five
Total Number of Questions 150
Maximum Marks 150
Time Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes

Know Latest CTET Syllabus

Before beginning with any preparation for the CTET exam, candidates are suggested to go through the detailed and the latest CTET Syllabus 2022. By knowing the syllabus, candidates can get a clear idea of the topics and chapters.

  • CTET Syllabus is different for paper – I & Paper – II, During your preparation, try to cover the Complete CTET syllabus.
  • CTET Paper-I includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Language-1, language-2, Environmental Studies, Mathematics.
  • CTET Paper-II includes Child Development & Pedagogy, Language-1,language-2, Social Studies or Mathematics & Science.
  • The question paper will be Bilingual (Hindi/English).
  • 20 Language options are available on the CTET notification, Candidate can choose only two languages from the given 20 languages.
  • There are various subjects included in the syllabus, it is very important that you make a particular study plan to prepare every topic of the syllabus perfectly.

Know Latest CTET Exam Pattern

The graduates must understand the exam pattern and syllabus before initiating the preparation for the CTET 2022. One of the important tips for beginning the CTET Exam Preparation is to cautiously observe the Exam Pattern.

Check out the table below to understand the CTET Exam Pattern 2022:

CTET Paper I Exam Pattern

Subject Number of MCQs Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
Language I 30 30
Language II 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Environmental Studies -EVS 30 30
Total 150 150

CTET Paper II Exam Pattern

Subject Number of MCQs Marks
Child Development and Pedagogy 30 30
Language I 30 30
Language II 30 30
Mathematics and Science OR Social Studies 60 60
Total 150 150

Make Daily CTET Study Pattern

To clear CTET 2022 exam, students have to follow given below study pattern everyday. The subject and topic wise preparation and strategy is important for candidate to clear CTET 2022 is first attempt.


Number of hours/per day What to study

Child Pedagogy

1-2 hour Piaget Theory, Moral Development theory, learning etc.


2 hour Number System, arithmetic’s & Math’s Pedagogy Concepts etc.


1.5 -2 hour

Topics like Human Physiology, physics Concept and Chemistry and basic science pedagogy concepts etc.

Social Studies 1.5 -2 hour

Topics like Constitutional Article, Dynasties & Agriculture etc.

English 1.5 hour

Topics like RC, Poem and Basic Pedagogy Concept etc.

Hindi 1.5 hour

Topics like RC, Poem and Basic Pedagogy Concept etc.

Know your Strengths and Weakness

Once candidates have gone through the syllabus, candidates can make a list of topics in which you are strong and weak separately. This can help candidates to prepare a time table easily.

Do not start with New Topics

Aspirants must remember that never ever study any new topic when the exam is nearing. This can lead to forgetting the topics which you are perfect at. Make sure to study the known topics well rather than studying new topics.

Study from Best CTET Books

Candidates must make sure they are studying from the right CTET Preparation Books. Ensure the books which you refer include all the portions and topics in them.

Download CTET Study Materials

Refer to Previous Year Papers

After completion of studying, solve CTET Previous Year Question Papers. Solving previous year’s papers can make you be well prepared for the exam. Ensure you solve regularly to be perfect with all types of questions.

Attempt Mock Tests on a daily basis

After completion of each topic, try to solve CTET Mock Tests to be confident and be exam ready. You can also increase your speed and accuracy by solving mock tests. You can also improve managing time during the examination.

Attempt CTET Mock Test Series Here

Do not try to Study Everything

Don’t try to study everything mentioned in the syllabus when you don’t have much time for preparation. Candidates preparing for CTET 2022 should focus more on revision rather than studying too many new topics.

Check the documents & Things 

Make sure you have all the necessary things and documents like Admit Card, ID proof, ready with you. Do not panic at the end moment. Make sure to have enough Admit card printouts.

Do not Forget about No Negative Marking

Candidates should note that there is no negative marking in CTET 2022, so they should not leave any questions while attempting the paper. First attempt the question in which you feel confident and then attempt the rest of the questions.

CTET Preparation Plan For One Month

Candidates are advised to create a study timetable for CTET preparation. Allow equal time for completing all portions. Give more time for weaker topics and less time for easier topics.

30 Days CTET Study Plan

30 Days

Papers & Subjects of CTET Exam

CTET Paper 1

(150 Marks)

CTET Paper 2


Day 1

Child Development (Primary School Child)

Child Development (Elementary School Child)

Day 2

Concept of Inclusive education & understanding children with special needs

Concept of Inclusive education & understanding children with special needs

Day 3

Learning and Pedagogy

Learning and Pedagogy

Day 4

LANGUAGE I – Reading unseen passages

LANGUAGE I – Reading unseen passages

Day 5

Revise all Topics prepared in the first 4 Days & Check Preparation Strategy for Child Development & Pedagogy

Day 6

Pedagogy of Language Development for Language I

Pedagogy of Language Development for Language I

Day 7

LANGUAGE II – Reading unseen passages

LANGUAGE II – Reading unseen passages

Day 8

Pedagogy of Language Development for Language II

Pedagogy of Language Development for Language II

Day 9

Language I & II Grammar

Language I & II Grammar

Day 10

Revise all Topics prepared in the first 9 Days

Practice CTET Important Questions

Day 11

Maths – Geometry

Shapes & Spatial Understanding

Maths – Number System, Knowing our Numbers, Playing with Numbers, Whole Numbers & Negative Numbers and Integers

Day 12

Numbers, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

Fractions, Algebra, Introduction to Algebra

Day 13

Maths – Solid Around Us & Money

Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Basic geometrical ideas (2-D), Understanding Elementary Shapes (2-D and 3-D)

Day 14

Maths – Measurement, Weight, Time, Volume

Symmetry: (reflection), Construction, Mensuration, Data handling

Day 15

Maths – Data Handling & Patterns & Pedagogical issues

Maths – Pedagogical issues

Day 16

Revise all Maths Topics studied in previous 5 days

CTET Complete Study Material

Day 17

Environmental Science – Family and Friends, Animals, Plants, Food & Shelter, Water & Travel

Science – Everything about Food, Materials, World of the Living, Moving Things People and Ideas, How things work, Electric current and circuits, Magnets, Natural Resources

Day 18

Pedagogical Issues in EVS

Pedagogical issues in Science

Day 19

EVS Activities & Experimentation/Practical Work

Social Studies – Complete History subject

Day 20

Practice CTET EVS Important Questions

Day 21

Important Questions on Child Development and Pedagogy (with Answers)

Social Studies – Complete Geography subject

Day 22

Practice Math’s Questions Based On Age

Social and Political Life & Pedagogical issues

Day 23

Important Pedagogy Questions on the English Language

CTET Social Science study material

Day 24

CTET English Practice Questions Set

Child Development Questions

CTET Science Practice Questions

Day 25

Go through CTET Important Topics 2020

Day 26

Important CTET Questions on Theories of Piaget, Kohlberg & Vygotsky

Child Development Questions

Day 27

Practice CTET Mock Test 2020

Day 28

CTET बाल विकास और शिक्षा शास्त्र & English Language

Important Pedagogy Questions on the English Language

Day 29

Child Development Questions

Practice Math’s Questions Based On Age

Day 30

Practice CTET Previous Year Papers

Subject Wise CTET Preparation Plan 

Here you can check Subject Wise CTET Preparation Plan 2022.

CTET Preparation Tips for  Child Development and Pedagogy

  • 15 questions from each of the subsections will be asked from the child development section.
  • The questions will be asked related to the ideology and principle of thinkers under the child development section.
  • The concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs is important as 5 questions are asked from the topic.
  • Preparation of topic thinkers’ thoughts and principles well. 

Important topics for Child Development and Pedagogy:

  • Theories of Intelligence
  • Theories of Child Development
  • Learning theories
  • Intelligence theories
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Concepts of Psychology

CTET Preparation Tips for Language I

  • The medium of instruction (language which is used to give instructions in classes) proficiency will be checked in the language I section.
  • A lot of practice is needed to master the language I section.
  • The language I is usually the regional language, in our case, it is Hindi selected by most of the candidates.
  • Online test series must be practiced to excel in the section.
  • Time management and planning must be done to improve the performance of the section.
  • Two unseen passages will be asked- one will be prose and the other the drama. Prose question can be literally, scientific, narrative or discursive.
  • One question will come on the basis of a poem given in the question paper.
  • Inference based questions will be asked.
  • Questions on grammar and verbal ability.

CTET Preparation Tips for Language II

  • Language II is the second primary language used in the region.
  • Questions will be similar in pattern to the language I.
  • Questions will be asked to test the grammatical skills in language II.
  • Two unseen prose questions will come, which can be discursive, literary, narrative, or scientific.


CTET Preparation for Mathematics Paper I and II

As mathematics questions are asked in both paper I and paper II, thus a planned strategy must be made on the basis of the important guidelines defined for the teachers. The basic questions will be asked from the syllabus and the following must be used for preparation. 

  • Revise NCERT Books: Students appearing for the paper I/paper II must revise the NCERT books of mathematics prescribed by the CBSE authorities from class I – V/ VI-VIII depending upon the paper code.
  • Practice Mock Tests: Previous year papers are important to excel in the CTET exam. A lot of websites are offering mock practice exams. Enroll in an online CTET program or join a coaching center to excel in the exam.
  • Sample Papers: Before the exam, CBSE will produce sample papers that must be practiced so that the exam type, pattern, and format of the questions can be easily understood.
  • Questions on Pedagogy: Mathematics paper will also have questions on pedagogy, students must have good knowledge and understanding of these questions. Practical methods with their practical implementation and ability to teach these methods must be understood. Sound knowledge of formative and non-formative assessment should be learned here.
  • All Questions must be Attempted: As there is no negative marking so all questions must be attempted as every mark counts.


CTET Preparation for Environmental Studies

  • The questions asked will be General and basic, study the NCERT books of Class I to V and Geography books of Class VI to VIII.
  • Watch the Daily News Clips and read the newspaper every day.
  • Prepare for the previous year’s sample papers and question papers available online.
  • Join online test series where the questions are asked related to the topic.
  • Take a random quiz on General awareness and environmental studies to perform well in the exam.
  • Time management is important to attempt the questions, as they all appear easy but answering can be tricky sometimes as proximate data is available.
  • Join online test groups for preparation and keep referring to the blogs related to CTET.


CTET Preparation Tips for Science

  • Only 30 questions will be asked in this section of MCQ type which will be from basic class VI to VIII syllabus.
  • NCERT books from class I to VIII must be studies to perform well.
  • Solve all problems given in Science books from class VI to VIII.
  • Questions on pedagogy and practical problem-solving questions will be asked.
  • Solve the practice problems in the online test series and sample papers defined for CTET.
  • Join online test groups to prepare for the science section.
  • Questions on unit conversion and basic of cell formation will be asked.
  • Very few questions on chemistry.

CTET Preparation Tips for Social Science Paper-II

  • Class I- VIII syllabus defined under environmental science and social science must be covered.
  • Questions will be asked on fundamental concepts of cultural, economic and political skills.
  • Social science questions will be designed on how our society works.
  • Prepare micro notes on ancient history, medieval history, and modern history to excel in the history section.
  • To enhance the performance of the economy and polity sections, one must regularly read newspapers and see news on news channels.
  • Basic questions can be asked on the constitution of India.
  • Make short notes of the historical data especially the dates and the era.
  • Do a lot of online practice to identify your weak areas and to perform well in the section.
  • A mock test designed especially for the section must be done.
  • A lot of hard work is needed to perform well in the section as plenty of data is available.

Important CTET Study Plan 2022 Summary

Here is the detailed list of the CTET Study Plan. Go through the below points completely and start your preparation accordingly.

  1. As there is enough time for the examination. You can plan for studying accordingly.
  2. Firstly, go through the CTET Syllabus and Exam Pattern.
  3. Segregate important topics aside and list them separately.
  4. Make a study plan for preparation by giving more time for tough topics and remaining for other topics.
  5. Do not forget to allocate separate time for revision after completing preparation.
  6. Start with topics that you are confident of and can solve easily. This will help you to gain some interest and also the confidence to move forward.
  7. During your preparation, make sure you have all the necessary CTET Study Materials which cover all the topics of the exam.
  8. Keep taking regular notes, noting down all important formulae and shortcuts at a place. This will help you in revising at the last moment before the exam.
  9. Along with your preparation go through  CTET Previous Year Question Papers which helps in scoring more. You will be explored to different types of questions.
  10. Attempt regular CTET Mock Test and Quizzes to test your preparation. Also, you can get the exam to feel with real-time timer driven mock tests.

Well, these are some useful CTET Preparation tips for candidates who are appearing for CTET 2022.

Enhance your preparation by going through and implementing these CTET Preparation Strategy plan. So, start studying now and score more on CTET Exam.

Other Important Links for CTET Exam 2022

You should refer to the following links to boost your exam preparation for the CTET Exam.

We have covered the detailed guide on CTET Preparation. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

FAQ’s Related To CTET Preparation

How to prepare for CTET Exam 2022 at home?

Start studying with the more scoring subjects such as Child Development & Pedagogy. Devote the last 10-12 days of your time in solving CTET question papers and sample papers. Go through the entire blog and keep repeating the process.

Is coaching necessary for the CTET exam?

No, coaching is not necessary for cracking the CTET exam. Candidates can have their own well-thought-out CTET preparation strategy to crack the exam.

Can I score good marks in CTET without coaching?

If you have been preparing well for the exam and are dedicated to getting a teaching job in a reputed school then scoring good marks in CTET is not a big task.

How can I prepare for the CTET exam in 10 days?

Understand the CTET exam pattern and syllabus well. Spend more time on topics that you are less confident with. Attempt at least two CTET question papers daily in the last week of the exam.

Can I prepare for CTET by practicing question papers and sample papers only?

No, candidates must study every topic prescribed in the CTET syllabus through various books. Once done, candidates start attempting CTET question papers, sample papers, and mock tests.

Which subject holds maximum weightage in the CTET exam?

In CTET paper-I, all subjects hold equal weightage. However, in CTET paper-II, the Mathematics & Science and Social Studies/Social Science section holds a maximum weightage of 60 marks.

What is the ideal time to start preparing for CTET?

The ideal time to start preparing for the CTET exam is one year. However, the time can vary from person to person depending on their speed and the number of hours they want to devote in a day for preparation.

How can I start preparation for the CTET exam?

You can start CTET preparation by thoroughly going through the CTET exam pattern and CTET syllabus. Thereafter, candidates should ensure of studying each topic prescribed CBSE in the CTET syllabus.

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