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CTET Study Materials: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is expected to conduct the Central Teacher’s Eligibility Test (CTET) 2021 Exam in pen and paper format on 31 January 2021. Applicants who have enrolled for the CTET 2021 can begin their examination preparations.

It is the best time for applicants to initiate their preparation and undergo in-depth studies to pass with top scores for the CTET 2021 exam. The CBSE will administer the CTET exam offline in two sessions for Paper-I and Paper-II.

Making plans for CTET 2021? Concerned about materials for consistency study?

Why Worry! Kopykitab has assembled the complete CTET Study Materials comprising the Textbook, Previous Year Question Papers, Mock Tests, Online Coaching, and Study Notes. For the CTET 2021 Exam Preparation, applicants should refer to the specified CTET Study Materials.

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CTET Study Materials 2021 | Download PDF

The CTET Exam has been split into two sections. The first section relies on employing skilled applicants for the teacher’s position (for Grades 1 to 5), and the second part is for all applicants who want to educate children of Grades 6 to 8.

CTET Exam Study Material

This exam is organized by the CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education and it is the gateway to a successful career as a teacher. The topics that we are going to focus on are associated with the making of CTET Study Notes like study plan, preparation of notes, syllabus, and useful books. Go through all the sections carefully. We don’t want you to miss the important sections because it will cover all your queries related to the upcoming exam

A questionnaire from five subjects will be posted in an objective format in both papers. Candidates will be provided 2:30 hours to try both papers independently. Before proceeding to the recommended books, have a look at the CTET Exam Pattern for Paper I and II.

CTET Paper I Exam Pattern


Number of MCQs


Child Development and Pedagogy



Language I



Language II






Environmental Studies -EVS






CTET Paper II Exam Pattern



Number of MCQs



Child Development and Pedagogy




Language I




Language II




Mathematics and Science OR Social Studies









Latest CTET Syllabus 2021

A syllabus is an inseparable part of the CTET exam. When you have the syllabus it becomes easier for a candidate to prepare the study materials. A syllabus has a list of topics that are important for your forthcoming exam and you need to include those topics in your notes and for this reason, a syllabus is considered to be an integral part of exam 2021 CTET.

The CTET syllabus has remained unchanged over the last few years and you can easily refer to CTET Notes 2021 to sharpen your skills that are required for this particular exam. Your study materials will become automatically interesting when you add any topic from the syllabus.

Crack The Exam Easily and Chase Your Dream

Download Ultimate Study Materials to Boost Your Preparation
CTET Online Study Material 2021 CTET Online Preparation For Paper 1 & 2
CTET Revision Pack

You can also look for a suitable CTET Study App where you can get the syllabus. We have also added the syllabus here-

Best Books for CTET 2021 | Download PDF

Another factor that plays an important role in shaping study materials is your choice of books. When you have the right kind of books you can shape your study materials without any problem. To buy the relevant books you need to follow those books which have been recommended by the experts and the buyers.

The right book forms the backbone of the study materials and hence, buying good CTET books is considered to be important. Buy the books in the language you are comfortable in. You can also buy a book online for a better understanding which will have CTET Ke Notes.

Books for CTET 2021

Author(s)’s Name

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Primary Stage (Paper-I) (For Class I-V)

Dr. S. Anand, Singh & Gupta

केंद्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड, दिल्ली केंद्रीय शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा सामाजिक अध्ययन (द्वितीय प्रश्न पत्र)

Gyanani, Gupta, Dubey

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Elementary Stage (Paper-II) (For Classes VI-VIII) Social Studies

Dr. S. Anand, Singh & Anshu Mangal

गणित एवं विज्ञानं (Class VI-VII के लिए) CTET एवं अन्य राज्यों के TET पेपर के लिए

Dubey And Gupta

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Elementary Stage (Paper-II) (For Classes VI-VIII) Maths & Science

Dr. S. Anand, Gupta & Singh

गणित (कक्षा I-V के लिए) CTET एवं अन्य राज्यों की TET परीक्षाओ के लिए उपयोगी

Dubey, Gupta

CTET Paper II Elementary Level Social Science for Class 6 to 8

R K Pandey

बाल विकास एवं शिक्षण शास्त्र Paper 1 & 2 For CTET & STET Hindi 4th Edition

Renu Tyagi

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Paper-I

K. P. Singh

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Paper-II

K. P. Singh

पर्यावरण एवं पारिस्थितिकी

Majid Husain

Must Read: CTET Previous Year Papers

Question papers from prior years are regarded to be the strongest practice content for any assessment. Applicants should exercise the previous year’s CTET papers and aim to solve it in a duration of 2.5-hour.

It will provide you a clear sense of the sorts of questions raised in the examination. It will also familiarize you with your vulnerable and strong zones. Go through the list of the CTET Previous Year Papers, as mentioned in the table below:

CTET Previous Years Solved Paper


CTET Solved Papers (Classes I-V & VI-VIII) (Paper-I & II)


CTET Previous Year Solved Question Paper-I (June 2011- Feb 15)


CTET Previous Year Solved Question Paper-II (June 2011- Feb 15)


CTET Paper II Science and Maths Previous Papers Solved (Hindi) class 6 to 8


CTET Paper II Science and Social Science Previous Papers Solved (class 6 to 8)


CTET Paper II Science and Maths Previous Year Papers Solved (English) class 6 to 8


UP TET & CTET बाल विकास एवं शिक्षा शास्त्र Solved Papers I & II (2019)


केन्द्रीय शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा सॉल्वड् पेपर्स (कक्षा I-V तथा VI-VIII) (प्रथम एवं द्वितीय प्रश्न–पत्र)


UPTET & CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा सामाजिक अध्ययन परीक्षा ज्ञान कोश & Solved Papers (2019)


UPTET & CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा गणित परीक्षा ज्ञान कोश & Solved Papers (2019)


UPTET & CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा पर्यावरण अध्ययन परीक्षा ज्ञान कोश & Solved Papers (2019)


UPTET/ CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा Solved Papers Primary Level (2019)


UPTET/ CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा Solved Papers Junior Level Paper-II (2019)


12 वर्ष वार सीटेट पेपर 2 (गणित/विज्ञान) साल्व्ड पेपर्स (2011 – 2019)


CTET Paper 1 Question Paper with Answer July 2019


12 वर्ष वार सीटेट पेपर 2 (सामाजिक विज्ञान/अध्ययन) साल्व्ड पेपर्स (2011 – 2019)


CTET Paper 1 Question Paper with Answer Dec 2019


CTET Previous Year Paper with Solution 2018 Paper-I


CTET Previous Year Paper with Solution 2018 Paper-II


12 वर्ष वार सीटेट पेपर 1 साल्व्ड पेपर्स (2011 – 2019)


12 Year-Wise CTET Paper 1 Solved Papers (2011 – 2019) – 2nd English Edition


CTET Teacher Eligibility Test Child Pedagogy & English Language Solved Question Paper


12 Year-Wise CTET Paper 2 (Mathematics & Science) Solved Papers (2011 – 2019) – 2nd English Edition


12 Year-Wise CTET Paper 2 (Social Science/ Studies) Solved Papers (2011 – 2019) – 2nd English Edition


CTET Previous Year and Sample Papers PDF

Another Important Aspect of Study Materials for CTET Exam is Sample papers. One Should Practice the Sample papers to know about their level of Preparation and Pattern of Questions

Sample Papers will make you Understand the Important Topics and Questions which will appear in the Exam. Click on the Below Links to download Subjectwise Sample Papers PDF

Exclusive CTET Notes 2021 | Download PDF

One of the best and quickest approaches to train yourself for the upcoming CTET exam is by having the study notes. All the subjects of the CTET curriculum must be addressed by study notes.

Cracking an exam like CTET gets easier for you when the study notes are made. Don’t fail to add the number of minutes whenever you create the study plan that allows you to invest in each topic.

 For instance, in English, you focus on CTET Notes, but if you spend more than 6 hours on that particular area, you will lose the essential points from a particular subject such as CTET Study Material for Social Science. The study notes will guide you with all the concepts in the easiest manner.

The mentioned link in the table would be beneficial for a quick revision of CTET Exam 2021:

CTET Notes


CTET Revision Pack


CTET Online Study Material 2021


CTET Online Preparation for Paper 1 & 2


Study Guide for CTET Paper 1 (Class 1 – 5 teachers) with Past Questions 5th Edition


Study Guide for CTET Paper 2 (Class 6 – 8 Teachers) Mathematics/ Science with Past Questions


UPTET/CTET English & Pedagogy इजी स्टडी नोट्स For Class (I to V)


UPTET/CTET पर्यावरणीय अध्ययन एवं शिक्षण इजी स्टडी नोट्स For Class (I to V)


UPTET/CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा कैप्सूल प्राथमिक स्तर


UPTET/CTET पर्यावरणीय अध्ययन एवं शिक्षण Easy Study Notes – 1


CTET English & Pedagogy Study Material Notes


CTET Social Science Study Material Notes


CTET Environmental Studies Study Material Notes


CTET Mathematics Study Material Notes Part-I


CTET Mathematics Study Material Notes Part-II


CTET Science Notes (In Hindi)


CTET & TET Hindi Notes


Child Development and Pedagogy Notes


Child Development and Pedagogy Important Notes (In Hindi)


CTET Mock Test 2021 

In order to clear the exam on the very first try, applicants should undergo the practice of the CTET Mock Test consistently. Practicing Mock Tests helps applicants to receive the CTET Eligibility Certificate by securing the CTET Passing Marks or Cut off Scores.

Access to an online Mock Test Series will appear to be excellent support for the applicants. Based on the latest examination format & syllabus of the CTET 2021 Exam, Kopykitab has formed and published the CTET Mock Test Series of all the subjects and papers here.

The easiest way to use the CTET Mock Test is to try it initially, then check for valid and invalid responses. Your qualities are all those subjects that you performed in the Mock Exam. Your shortcomings in CTET preparation may be questions that you couldn’t try or get wrong.

Try to focus on all abilities along with shortcomings consistently to strengthen the preparation for the CTET exam. The topics which are part of the CTET syllabus must be covered by you.

To crack the CTET 2021 exam with excellent grades, follow the specified CTET Mock Test and Practice Sets. In CTET 2021 Paper-I and Paper-II, the Mock Test includes questions and responses that are strongly anticipated to be asked.

Benefits of using Mock Test

You review all curriculum topics and practice CTET questions when you plan to smash CTET. CTET Question Bank, Previous Year Papers, and Online Mock Test are useful for the preparation. Mock CTET Series serves as an essential task for the mentioned reasons.

  • It enables the applicant to grasp the examination pattern.
  • It enables you to understand the essential topics for the exam.
  • It assists you in improving your time management skills.
  • You will be familiar with the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Speed and precision are developed by addressing more problems that are possible only with the help of the CTET Mock Test.
  • Tweak your exam preparation approach based on the study after undertaking CTET’s online Mock Series.
  • You can build your confidence level with the help of the Mock Test.

Begin exercising the Mock Tests from the links mentioned below and polish up the preparations for the CTET 2021 Exam:

Online Coaching for CTET Preparation

If you are planning for CTET 2021, you should take the Online Coaching provided to prepare for a profession in Central Government Schools. It is reasonable for the teaching candidates to transition from cumbersome textbooks to handy iPads and discover the best online coaching for the preparation.

Online Coaching for CTET Preparation is an activity initiated to revolutionize the manner you prepare for the CTET exam. It offers students a sense of a classroom-like atmosphere along with the comfort of your house. It enables the candidates to improve their scores in the actual exam. You can discuss any queries related to the courses in the doubt clearance sessions and so on.

How To Prepare For CTET 2020 Exam With Study Materials?

Your study plan must be made in the language you are good at. If you are not familiar with the English language then you can easily follow the study materials of a particular subject according to your language preference.

The way you approach the upcoming CTET exam is believed to be an important element that decides your fate in the upcoming exam. Your preparation starts the moment you decide to appear for this exam.

That is the moment when you start thinking about organizing Study Material for CTET. You set your objectives within a few days and that is how you channelize your preparation in the form of notes. There are some useful methods that you need to adopt for organizing your CTET Study Notes 2020.

  1. Know the important topics for your exam
  2. Try to collect all solved the CTET Previous year Papers and make a note of the questions which are getting repeated.
  3. Check the syllabus when and tick the ones which you need to include in your study structure.
  4. Keep the CTET Study Materials Paper 2 and 1 from the previous year handy.

The study materials are available in both English and Hindi and if you are looking for the notes of a specific subject then click on the below links to download them. Before you arrange your study materials observe the contents of the notes with an attentive mind.

Benefits of using CTET Study Materials

Below are the relevant reasons to make you understand that why KopyKitab’s CTET Study Material is beneficial for your preparation:

  • Enhances concentration and dedication in detail.
  • It increases understanding and retention levels.
  • Offer a level of comfort to students with different challenges and a belief that they participate and are not demonized.
  • CTET Study Material can help to develop and boost the knowledge level.
  • Students can constantly prepare by keeping effective CTET Study Material, and Notes, thus providing them meaning and boosting effectiveness.
  • Here the experts make sure that they create a CTET Study Materials that describes all the concepts in the easiest terminology.
  • CTET notes address all the topics that help to break different entrance examinations for undergrad-level engineering.

Experience our unlimited CTET Study Materials, Previous Year Question Papers, and many other materials.

FAQ’s around CTET Study Materials

Here are the most often asked queries about CTET Study Materials for 2021 Exam

1. Does the Mock Test provide the solutions to the questions raised accurately?

Yes, you can review the right answers at the conclusion of the exam for all of the questions.

2. Can I download the Mock Test and attempt it in offline mode?

No, you can only try the mock test in the online mode. However, after the Mock Test gets over, you can save the ‘Check Responses‘ tab and maintain it for references.

3. Can I reattempt the Mock Test after a few days?

Yes, you can take the CTET Mock Test as many times as you want

4. Can I take the Mock Test on mobile?

Yes, you could run a Mock Test on cell phones. It is, however, strongly suggested to utilize a computer or notebook to have an experience before the actual test.

5. Is it compulsory to attempt all questions in the CTET Exam at one go?

Yes, you have to try for the entire paper in a single 150-minute cycle, similar to the actual test.

6. Is the Mock Test available in Hindi?

All sections of the Mock Test are visible only in English, except for the language portion that can be tried in Hindi.

7. How can I pay for the CTET Study Materials?

You can select any of the below transaction methods to pay for the CTET Study Materials for the competitive exam:
Debit Card
Credit Card
Net Banking
Google Pay

8- Where Can I Download Best Study Notes For CTET Exam?

Go through the entire article to Download Best Study Notes For CTET Exam.

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