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Best CTET Books 2022 For Paper 1 & Paper 2: Choosing the best books for CTET preparation among the number of books available on the market is essential. Best CTET Books are the main sources for candidates which will help them gain knowledge on all the subjects covering the CTET Syllabus.

The CTET best books 2022 must have CTET Exam question papers so that students can practice on a daily basis. CTET 2022 exam will be conducted on national level for the candidates aspiring to be teachers for Class I to VIII.

In this blog, we are going to focus on the lists of Best CTET Books and Subject Wise Books that can help you to score good marks in the forthcoming exam.

Best CTET Books for Paper 1 2022 

CTET Paper 1 Syllabus involves subjects like child development and pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics, and Environmental Studies. Below is the list of Books and Publishers for all the subjects in English and Hindi.

Best CTET Books for Paper 1

CTET English & Pedagogy Study Material Notes

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Primary Stage (Paper-I) (For Class I-V)

Practice Sets CTET (Paper-I) (For Classes I-V)

CTET Environmental Studies Notes (In Hindi)

बाल विकास एवं शिक्षण शास्त्र Paper 1 & 2 For CTET & STET

गणित (कक्षा I-V के लिए) CTET एवं अन्य राज्यों की TET परीक्षाओ के लिए उपयोगी

CTET Paper I Primary Level Hindi For Class 1 to 5

बाल विकास एवं शिक्षण शास्त्र Paper 1 & 2 For CTET & STET Hindi 4th Edition

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Paper-I

CTET Multiple Choice Questions With Answer For Mathematics

केंद्रीय शिक्षा पात्रता परीक्षा (CTET) संस्कृत

Best CTET Books for Paper 2 2022 

CTET Paper 2 Exam is for the Elementary stage teachers for CBSE Schools in India, there are 4 main sections to attend that is, Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I, Language II, Mathematics and Science (or) Social Science.

Here are the Best Books to Refer for Paper 2 CTET Exam for all subjects in Both English and Hindi:

Best CTET Books for Paper 2

केंद्रीय माध्यमिक शिक्षा बोर्ड, दिल्ली केंद्रीय शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा सामाजिक अध्ययन (द्वितीय प्रश्न पत्र)

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Elementary Stage (Paper-II) (For Classes VI-VIII) Social Studies

गणित एवं विज्ञानं (Class VI-VII के लिए) CTET एवं अन्य राज्यों के TET पेपर के लिए

Central Teacher Eligibility Test Elementary Stage (Paper-II) (For Classes VI-VIII) Maths & Science

Practice Sets Central Teacher Eligibility Test Social Studies (Paper-II)

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) Paper-II

CTET Paper II Elementary Level Social Science for Class 6 to 8

केन्द्रीय शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा गणित एवं विज्ञान (द्वितीय प्रश्न–पत्र) (कक्षा VI-VIII के लिए)

बाल विकास एवम शिक्षण शास्त्र Paper 1 & 2 For CTET & STET

CTET शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा Social Science Practice Book Paper-II Junior Level

Subject Wise Best CTET Books 2022

While you examine the highlights of the books you will have an idea of the contents of the books and you will also be in a position to understand the significance of those books. Apart from these things we will throw light on some other aspects related to Best CTET Books PDF, Study Materials, and so on.

Before you explore the best books, you must gather the appropriate information for your next exam. This national level examination exam is conducted by CBSE. The purpose of this exam is to recruit teachers at the primary and elementary levels in Central Government Schools across India.

Go through all the sections carefully.

Crack The Exam Easily and Chase Your Dream


Download Ultimate Study Materials to Boost Your Preparation

CTET Online Study Material 2022

CTET Online Preparation For Paper 1 & 2

CTET Revision Pack

Child Development & Pedagogy by Arihant | CTET Book Arihant No. 1

CTET Arihant Book | Name of the Book: Child Development & Pedagogy

Name of the Publication: Arihant Publication

Features: This book covers the two important CTET Previous Year Papers for the upcoming exam. The first paper centers around the selection of teachers for Classes 1 to 5 and the second paper is about the recruitment of teachers for Classes 6 to 8. A candidate has to sit for both papers. This type of book concentrates on Child Development, Inclusive Education, Learning, and Pedagogical Issues.

The book consists of 2 sets, set 1 has all the MCQs which have already appeared in the last year’s exam and other exams and the second set has a special section named “TEST YOURSELF” that consists of sample MCQs. You can practice those questions as many times as you want to shape your methods of CTET Preparation. You can also compare it with other books while checking the Books Price.

English & Pedagogy by Pearson Publication | CTET Book No. 2

Name of the Book: English & Pedagogy

Name of the Publication: Pearson Publication

Name of the Author: Geeta Sahni

Features: This book has all kinds of explanations related to the basics of the English language. This kind of book is mainly designed for both the papers, Paper I and II, and it has been divided into six parts namely Reading Comprehension, English Literature, Principles of Language Teaching, Vocabulary, Grammar as well as Learning, Acquisition and Remedial Teaching.

If you buy this book you will be able to cross all the hurdles for your upcoming CTET Exam with ease and you will reach a new height in terms of preparation.

CTET Paper 1 Solved Papers by Disha Publication | CTET Book No. 3

Name of the Book: 12 Year-Wise CTET Paper 1 Solved Papers (2011 – 2019)

Name of the Publisher: Disha Publication

Features: The CTET exam is not far away and the best way to handle the challenges is by purchasing relevant books online and one of those helpful books is year-wise CTET Paper 1 Solved Papers (2011 – 2019) – English edition. This book contains all the solved CTET Previous year papers starting from June 2011 and ending in July 2019.

When you examine all the solved papers carefully you will get the pattern and you will be able to prepare CTET Study Materials accordingly. If you are aiming for something big then you need to buy this book as soon as possible. You can also refer to a PDF file that has the list of all the relevant books to bring a change in the methods of preparation.

Success Master CTET Paper-I by Arihant | CTET Book No. 4

Name of the book: Success Master CTET Paper-I Class 1 to 5

Name of the Publication: Arihant Experts

Features: This book has all the appropriate study materials which are required for Paper I CTET and it focuses on the selection of teachers for Class I-V. A candidate who wishes to teach in primary schools will have to appear for both the papers i.e., Paper I and Paper-II. The book is divided into 5 parts namely Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I (English), Language II (Hindi), Mathematics, and Environmental Studies, each sub-divided into a number of chapters as per the CTET Syllabus Paper I.

You will also come across some of the solved CTET papers which will help you to secure a good place in your forthcoming CTET exam. There are more than 3000 MCQs to guide you regarding the pattern of CTET questions. This book can get you to your destination within a short amount of time.
You can buy Best CTET Books in Hindi. The publisher which we have mentioned earlier also has the Hindi version. The contents will be similar to the English versions and the only difference is in the language. You can get all the related study materials here-

Success Master Social Science Paper-2 by Arihant | CTET Book No. 5

Name of the Book: CTET Success Master Social Science/Studies Paper-2 for Class 6 to 8

Name of the Publisher: Arihant Experts

Features: This book deals with all the useful study materials which are associated with Paper-II of the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET). This book caters to the needs of the candidates who are planning to teach students between classes 6 to 8. The book for CTET Paper II has been divided into five parts namely Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I (English), Language II (Hindi), Mathematics, and Environmental Studies.

The Child Development part highlights the various aspects of Child Development, Concept of Inclusive Education and Understanding Children with Special Needs and Learning and Pedagogy. The Language I i.e., the English part concentrates on the basics of the English language.

The Mathematics portion focuses on important topics like Number System, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry, Menstruation, Data Handling, and Pedagogical Issues. You have to make time for all the sections to increase the chance of your selection in the upcoming CTET Exam 2022. A little effort can make all the difference and for this reason, think several times before you decide to purchase a book for your exam preparation.

Practice CTET Mock Tests to know about the Exam Pattern, and Question of the Exam.

How to Select Best Books for CTET?

Candidates preparing for the exam must focus on a few key points in order to select the right set of books. Check the following points mentioned below:

  1. The candidate must check the year of publication before choosing the book for preparation.
  2. Refer books that are published in simple and easy language.
  3. Check the index and content while choosing the best books for CTET.
  4. Candidates must check the latest edition books for updated information.
  5. In order to practice questions paper for the exam, select books that consist of practice papers.

CTET 2022 Exam Pattern

Candidates will be provided 2:30 hours to try both papers independently. Before proceeding to the recommended books, have a look at the exam pattern for Paper I and II.

CTET Paper I Exam Pattern


Number of MCQs


Child Development and Pedagogy



Language I



Language II






Environmental Studies -EVS






CTET Paper II Exam Pattern


Number of MCQs


Child Development and Pedagogy



Language I



Language II



Mathematics and Science OR Social Studies







Head slowly over all of the sections. We don’t wish you to miss the relevant bits, because all your questions about the upcoming exam will be covered.

Click Here To Know About The Detailed CTET Exam Pattern 2022

Other Important Links for CTET Exam

We have covered the detailed guide on Best Reference Best CTET Books 2022. Feel free to ask us any queries related to CTET in the comment section below.

FAQ’s Related To Best CTET Books

Which is the best book for CTET preparation?

Go through the entire article to download the best books for CTET 2022.

Is the CTET study books be valuable?

If you practice really harder together with the support of our referenced books, you can definitely excel with high grades in CTET 2021 Exam.

Is it possible to pass the CTET exam in less than two months?

Yes. With the help of proper study material and books, you can easily clear CTET Exam.

Can I download the CTET Books in PDF format?

Yes. You can download the CTET textbook in PDF format and study it whenever you wish to.

Which question bank book is best for solving CTET paper 1?

Where can I download the best books for CTET Life Science?

From the above article, you can find the best books for CTET Life Science.

Can you provide me the link to download success master for CTET paper 1 by Arihant publication?

Yes. Check out the above blog to download success master for CTET paper 1 by Arihant publication.

How can I pay for the CTET Preparation Books?

You can select any of the below transaction methods to pay for the books for CTET Exam:
Debit Card
Credit Card
Net Banking
Google Pay

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