CSIR NET Study Materials 2023 | Books, Papers, and Mock Test

CSIR NET Study Materials: CSIR UGC NET is a nationwide assessment carried out twice a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on behalf of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in June and December to select applicants for the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) or lectureship at Indian universities. you can even download the CSIR NET study material PDF.

It organizes the assessment for the following subjects.

  1. Life Science
  2. Chemical Science
  3. Physical Science
  4. Mathematical Science
  5. Earth Science

Applicants may choose the course of their preference and will obtain the paper of the preferred subject only.

CSIR NET Study Materials 2023

For CSIR NET Exam preparation, study materials and reference textbooks play a major role. One must look for the standard study resources and the perfect textbook for the preparation. KopyKitab is one of the leading online platforms for online education that delivers CSIR NET study materials consisting of all the attributes listed below. 

Here is the listing of what is included in our CSIR NET Course:

  • Books
  • Previous Year Solved Papers 
  • Mock Tests 
  • CSIR NET Notes
  • Online Coaching

If you do not wish to escape the comfort of your home or cannot follow our daily classroom program, then you can select our correspondence study material that is student-friendly and developed by our research and development unit.

You can take full advantage of it and pass the CSIR NET 2021 exam and reach the ultimate result.

Best Books for CSIR NET Exam 2023

One of the strongest indicators for initiating your CSIR NET preparation is possessing top-quality textbooks. One should have awareness of how to refer to the right book. We recommend you review the following characteristics in CSIR NET books

  • It should be very well structured thoroughly and explained in the visualizations so that students can understand more easily.
  • Must include the collection of CSIR NET Previous Year Solved Question Papers, Online Test Series Formulated by Specialists, Practice Questions after each module, and Brief Notes for easy revisions.
  • Should have unique methods, tricks, and formulas to answer the questions easily in the test.

These are the attributes that an excellent CSIR textbook must include but the problem is where you can get study material with all such qualities. At KopyKitab, we provide study material that is well structured and addresses all of such aspects by experts.

CSIR NET Books for Life Science

Life Science is a field affiliated with Biology and Biotechnology that provides you the opportunity to learn both relevant and unknown information related to species, plants, micro-organisms,s, and living things.

Undoubtedly, books & study materials serve a very important role in preparing for an examination. A variety of Life Sciences books can be found, but there may be possibilities that it may not lead you in the best way.

We recommend you to proceed with the best CSIR NET Life Science Books as listed below to eliminate the threat.

CSIR NET 2021 Books for Life Science

Author(s)’s Name


Kumar Pushkar and Dr. A. P. Singh

CSIR-UGC NET / JRF / SET Life Sciences

Manoj Kumar Aaglave

Food, Nutrition, And Health

Dr. Shashi Goyal and Pooja Gupta

EduGorilla CSIR NET Life Science 2020

Rohit Manglik

A Textbook of Biotechnology Volume-I Genetics and Molecular Biology

Rehana Khan

CSIR NET Books for Chemical Sciences

Students assemble through each possible book commercially available whenever it comes to the CSIR NET Exam in Chemical Sciences. They pick incorrect material for CSIR NET 2021 in a rush and end up in trouble. 

We warn you not to purchase substandard preparatory books for the preparation of CSIR NET JRF, as you might be paid too much without knowing the right basics. Thus, we introduce a set of textbooks below that can be referred to create a solid base in chemical sciences.

You will be in a place to prepare the study materials as you run over the contents of CSIR Net Chemical Science Books, and also be able to smash the test.

CSIR NET 2021 Books for Chemical Sciences

Author(s)’s Name

CSIR-UGC NET/JRF/SET Chemical Sciences

Dr. Hemant Kulshrestha, Prof. Ajay Taneja

EduGorilla CSIR NET Chemical Science 2020

Rohit Manglik

Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. T. J. Patil

Inorganic Chemistry

Sahoo, Balaram , Nayak, Nimai Charan, Samantaray, Asutosh , Pujapanda, Prafulla Kumar

Physical And Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. C. M. Bhavsar, Dr. T. J. Patil

Organic And Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. B. R. Chaudhari, Dr. S. I. Rajput, Dr. T. J. Patil

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Pandey, Choudhary

CSIR NET Books for Physical Sciences

Guide your plans in the correct direction that will lead you to the ideal career goal.

Books and study materials will often act as an efficient conduit for you and your targets. So don’t hesitate to spend on quality materials for the CSIR NET Physical Science study.

Here at KopyKitab, we offer responses linked with the entire CSIR NET Physical Science Notes and Mock Test Papers with the preceding five exam test papers.

CSIR NET 2021 Books for Physical Sciences

Author(s)’s Name

CSIR-UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Physical Sciences

R. Nageshwara Rao

Quantum Mechanics Statistical Mechanics And Solid State Physics

Dr. D. Chattopadhyay, Dr. P. C. Rakshit

Quantum Mechanics


Nuclear Physics

Dr. S. N. Ghoshal

Solid State Physics

Ajay Kumar Saxena

CSIR NET Books for Mathematical Science

You will find diverse resources while looking for the perfect textbooks for CSIR NET Mathematical Sciences 2021. But it would be exhausting work to select the only good one idle for preparing for the test.

The assessment is not that easy to pass, you ought to be very well ready for it, so do not gamble with the textbooks. 

Buy one that can connect you with the right information and suggestions from the syllabus to address each topic appropriately. KopyKitab is here to guide you in obtaining the best study textbook. You may refer to the textbooks listed below for CSIR NET Mathematical Science.

CSIR NET 2021 Books for Mathematical Science

Author(s)’s Name

Edugorilla CSIR NET Mathematical Science 2020

Rohit Manglik

Integral Equations And Boundary Value Problems

Dr. M. D. Raisinghania

Subjective Arithmetic: For All Competitive Exams

S L Gulati

Advanced Differential Equations

Dr. M.D. Raisinghania

CSIR NET Books for Earth Science

You need to have the entire study material in one place before you begin your preparation to start saving time and begin your preparation seamlessly. It is very difficult to locate standard CSIR NET Earth Science textbooks for preparation.

Don’t worry, we are giving you the packed Earth Science CSIR NET study books, including sample papers and useful points.

You may refer to the top textbooks for CSIR NET Mathematical Science as listed below.

CSIR NET 2021 Books for Earth Science

Author(s)’s Name

Geography Elements Of Climatology And Oceanography

Prof. Bhagawan Baravkar

Physical Geography

Prof Sambhaji B Patil

Introduction To Physical Geography – II

Prof. Dr. Sunil Y. Narke, Prof. Dr. Pandurang Y. Thombare

The Earth And The Solar System (Earth Science) Study Material For CSIR NET Exam

Panel Of Experts

CSIR NET Previous Year Papers

Practice always perfects an individual! The more you practice, the more you enhance your performance. Here is one more CSIR NET Study Material 2023 ie. Previous Year Papers

Solving CSIR NET Previous Year Papers is the way by which you can gain an understanding of the scale of complexity and the sort of questions asked in the assessment. To get a detailed overview of all the subjects that will make you secure better marks in the assessment, it is very essential to solve a number of previous year’s question papers.

There are many benefits of solving CSIR NET previous year papers like:

  • It can let you be informed of the exam’s theme.
  • You can get assistance in interpreting the CSIR NET Exam Format, such as marking patterns and higher weighting topics.
  • Solving CSIR NET Question Papers from the previous year will raise your level of confidence.
  • The previous papers will enable you to recognize the kind of questions that are often raised in the test.

In the table below, we presented the previous year’s question papers for CSIR NET Exam.

CSIR NET Previous Years Solved Paper


CSIR-UGC NET Life Science Solved Papers


CSIR-UGC NET/JRF Exam. Solved Papers Life Science


UGC-NET/JRF Life Sciences Chapterwise Solved Papers


CSIR-UGC NET/JRF Physical Sciences Solved Papers


CSIR NET Previous Year 2011-16 Solved Question Paper Physical Science (Physics) Paper 1


CSIR NET Previous Year 2012 And 2015 Solved Question Paper Physical Science (Physics) Paper 2


CSIR NET Physical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2017


CSIR NET Physical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2018


CSIR NET Physical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2019


UGC-CSIR Previous Year Solved Paper-I (Section B) Chemical Sciences


CSIR NET Previous Year 2013-16 Solved Question Paper Chemical Science (Chemistry) Paper 1


CSIR NET Previous Year 2012 And 2015 Solved Question Paper Chemical Science (Chemistry) Paper 2


CSIR NET Chemical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2017


CSIR NET Chemical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2018


CSIR NET Chemical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2019


CSIR UGC NET/JRF Exam. Solved Papers Mathematical Sciences


CSIR NET Previous Year 2011-16 Solved Question Paper Mathematical Science (Mathematics) Paper 1


CSIR NET Previous Year 2012 And 2015 Solved Question Paper Mathematical Science (Mathematics) Paper 2


CSIR NET Mathematical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2017


CSIR NET Mathematical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2018


CSIR NET Mathematical Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2019


CSIR NET Previous Year 2013-2016 Solved Question Paper Earth Sciences Paper 1


CSIR NET Previous Year 2012 And 2015 Solved Question Paper Earth Sciences Paper 2


CSIR NET Earth Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2017


CSIR NET Earth Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2018


CSIR NET Earth Science Previous Year Question Paper With Answer June 2019


CSIR NET Mock test

To gain success & to receive top grades, applicants must have experience with the actual CSIR NET exam. Kopykitab offers the Online Mock Test for candidates to have the ultimate assessment experience, which is a computer-based test. 

Here, the CSIR NET mock tests were designed after extensive analysis of the program, assessment format, and previous years’ papers. All our mock tests for CSIR NET emerge with an all-solution package and customized review of performance.

Based on your results in the CSIR NET mock exam, this review cites your grade, State-level, All-India rank, powerful topics, and weak sections. It will give you an understanding of the degree of your preparation between your rivals. Also, these mock tests are reasonably affordable to assess the profit of candidates, regardless of the economic context.

Download CSIR NET Mock Test Series

Benefits of using Mock Test

Here before participating in the test, we are providing a few factors why you should not miss the CSIR NET Mock Test. Please review the below: –

  • Owing to the worry of seeing the question paper, most of the candidates suffer extreme nervousness. But if you take the CSIR NET Mock Test Series, it quickly eliminates the stress level and brings the desire in you to participate in the exam.

  • It will assist you in developing a habit of regular revision.

  • It lets you evaluate your existing outputs and motivates you to make sufficient efforts to improve them.

  • It encourages you to develop your time management skills.

  • You will get a clue about the range of questions that you have to answer within the specified timeframe by undertaking the mock test.

So it would be tough to recognize how well you have prepared yourself for the CSIR NET 2023 without solving the mock test papers.


Locating the appropriate study notes can sometimes be a challenge since many authors have several recorded notes. But not every publisher provides precise study notes, and you may waste your money by selecting the wrong choice.

That’s why it is very important to choose the right platform for your study notes.

CSIR NET 2023 Notes 


Physical Sciences


Life Sciences


Chemical Sciences


Mathematical Science


Earth Science


CSIR NET Online Coaching

Kopykitab provides extensive CSIR NET Online Coaching Courses. Our regular online education service for students is an incredibly informative and innovative program. Our online coaching program has been structured to cover the full syllabus with an in-depth study of NET Previous Question Papers along with the mock test.

It also provides you with the perfect combination of lectures, problem-solving techniques, and question-raising sessions complemented by fully updated study content. 

The key characteristics of this program are all subjects being covered from very fundamental to advanced stages, with due focus on improving strong theoretical and quantitative ability.

Lectures are taken by our Subject-wise Qualified Professors. In their specific areas, they have long-term teaching experience. This program is specifically tailored under the time management system to offer optimal knowledge within a short time span.

Also, performance measurement is conducted on a routine basis by topic-wise evaluations that are accompanied by debate.

Benefits of using CSIR NET Study materials

The benefits of using KopyKitab’s CSIR NET Study Materials for 2023 preparation are mentioned below:

  1. The structured notes, guides, and material of professionals enhance your knowledge and simplify your preparation for the exam.
  2. Mock Test to measure your performance and improve speed & precision while answering questions.

FAQs around CSIR NET Study Materials

Here are the most often asked queries about CSIR NET study materials from aspirants. If you have any doubts, check these queries.

Is Life Sciences CSIR NET Coaching actually required?

It is not often necessary to take part in coaching. It relies on how confident you are with your preparation, and confidence comes when you use the correct CSIR NET study materials with excellent guidance.

Where can I get study materials for CSIR NET 2023?

Here at KopyKitab, you don’t have to head anywhere. Here, you can get your preferred CSIR NET Study Materials and books to begin the preparation.

Can I give the CSIR NET Online Mock Test a try again?

No, the CSIR NET Mock Test cannot be re-attempted. However, with the problems from every exam, you can see the answers before your validation expires.

What is the CSIR NET Exam complexity level?

The JRF applicants can register for the examination up to the age of 28 (GEN & OBC) or 33 years (All Other Reserved Categories), according to the CSIR NET Eligibility Criteria. Whereas for applicants wishing to participate in lectureship tests, there are no age requirements available.

Is there any penalty for incorrect attempts in the CSIR NET Paper?

Yes, for any incorrect response, there is a negative marking in the exam according to the CSIR NET Test Standard.

After uploading the application, can I modify my details?

After submission, there is no requirement to make changes to the registration form. But as per the new guidelines, by accessing the CSIR NET Form Correction window, NTA offers one more opportunity to update your uploaded information.

How can I pay the CSIR NET Mock Test charge?

We only consider the digital transaction method. You can select any of the below transaction methods to pay for the CSIR NET Mock Test:
Debit Card
Credit Card
Net Banking
Google Pay

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