How to Score Above 150 in KCET 2024?

ATTEND CLASSES REGULARL  By attending classes regularly, you would achieve academic good performance as you would learn more, be updated with the daily lessons, and not miss any important assessments like the quizzes, activities.

TAKE NOTES AND LISTEN WELL TO THE TEACHER’S LECTURES  Equip yourself with needed materials like your notebook, laptop, ballpen, or pencil. Learn to organize your notes. Be attentive and always ready to jot down, especially the summary or key concepts of the lessons.

GIVE YOUR BEST AND HAVE A FOCUS Focus on your tasks of achieving your potential to the fullest. “Get out of the box. Grab every opportunity for growth to avoid regrets. In pursuit of having good grades or excellent grades, be ready to face challenges and struggles.

BE MOTIVATED ALL THE TIMES Motivation is a key to attaining success, so always stay positive. Motivated students consider that learning is fun and fruitful. Celebrate accomplishment no matter how small it is. This will serve as your positive reinforcement.

BE ORGANIZED AND SYSTEMATIC  Free yourself from clutters. By being relaxed and methodical, you could easily achieve your goals of having good grades, could easily focus on the tasks at hand, and would not scramble each time you needed to finish something.

BE RESPONSIBLE Be responsible to discipline yourself, balancing your time, and having the proper mental attitude. Try to think about what may happen if you do well in your studies and contrast it to what may happen to you if you fail.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR GRADES Be conscious of how you perform in your exams. As preparation for the next exams, test yourself regularly by seeking difficult problems and exercises. Master your Math basic concepts. If possible, plan to study Physics as soon as after classes.

BE GUIDED BY YOUR GOALS  The qualities that make for good grades are character, aptitude, attitude toward work, knowledge, and perseverance. Ability may enable you to get to the top.

MAINTAIN A HEALTHY BODY AND MIND Have a nutritious breakfast before going to your class. Good meals allow students to properly focus on their studies resulting in good grades. 

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