RGTU Question Paper BE Object Oriented Programming Methodology 3rd Sem June 2008

RGTU Question Paper

BE Object Oriented Programming Methodology 3rd Sem June 2008

Note:      Attempt any five question . All question carry equal marks.

1   (a)    What are the major characteristics of object oriented languages ? Explain .

(b)    What are object  ? How massages are passed to object ? Also explain how object are used  as

software modulus .

2   (a)   How object of on a class can be converted to the object of other class ? Write a program in C++

to demonstrate  the conversion .

(b)  What is association ? Explain many to many and recursive association by giving proper examples .

3   (a)  What are constructor ? What are the different types of consorts ?  Write the purpose of each type

of constructor by giving examples .

(b)   How are can be passed as arguments ? Write a program in C++ to  pass two  object of class

complex to a function and to get back the some of those two  Objects .

4   (a)  What is meant by overriding  member function ? Give proper example to explain the concept.

(b)  What are access control specifies ? Explain the role of access specifies  in  inheritance.

5  (a)   What is function polymorphism ? What are the different forms of it ? Give example of each .

(b)  Write a program to overload  +operator to concatenate two strings .

6             Explain the following :

(a)  friends class       (b) static member function

© This pointer          (d) Abstract class

7   (a) What are virtual function  ? Why are virtual function needed ? Give suitable example.

(b) What is containership and how does it differ from intendance ?

8         Compare the following  :

(a) assignment  and initialization

(b) Member function  and friends  function

© Static data and automatic data

(d)Virtual function and virtual class

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