RGPV Previous Exam Papers Material Science and Eng Materials June 2006 4th sem

RGPV Previous Exam Papers 

Material Science and Eng Materials June 2006 4th sem


Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks

1 (a)    List the various of bonds occurring in a crystal. Describe any one of them in brief.

(b)   Draw neat sketches of unit cells of simple cubic, BCC and FCC crystal structures. Calculate

the  number of atoms in each case. Deriver the relationship between atomic radius and unit

cell parameter aFFC.

2 (a)   State the difference between elastic and plastic deformation. Explain each in details.

(b)   Explain the terms ‘SLIP’ and ‘TIWN’. How does slip occur? Explain what is slip system.

3 (a ) What is or working harding? Sate the effects of strain Harding.

(b)  What is hot and cold working? Explain their effects on the properties of materials.

4 (a)   State Hume Rothay’s rules for the formation of substitution type of solid solutions. Given


(b)   State and explain Gibbs phase rule with example.

5 (a)    Draw Fe-C (iron-carbon) phase diagram. Lable all the phase and temperature  properly.

(b)     Describe the process of austenite decomposition of steel with T.T.T. diagram .What

information is supplied by these diagrams?

6. (a)  Define the term heat treatment . Why are steels heat treated? What are the effects of faulty

heat treatment?

(b)     Describe flame hardening and compare it with induction hardening. Describe the merits

and Demerits  and mention its application.

7. (a)  What are the requirement for bearing metals? Suggest a few materials possessing these

required properties.

(b)    Why is steel more widely used as compared to other ferrous and non ferrous alloys?

8.     Write short notes on any four of the following:

(a)    Refectories

(b)   Creep

©    Grey cast iron

(d)   Various types of plastics

(e)    Brass

(f)    Duralumin

(g)   Ductile fracture

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