RGPV Question Papers BE Total Quality Management And Sqc 6th Sem june 2010

 RGPV Question Papers BE

Total Quality Management And Sqc  6th Sem june 2010

Note : Attempt any five questions.

All question carry equal marks.

Draw neat sketches where necessary.
.1 (a) Explain in brief the purpose of ISO 9000 series of quality standards.
(b) What are the important characteristics of quality management leader?
2 (a) How the top managements vision helps in transforming the organization?
(b) Explain Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in brief.
3 (a) Explain in taguchi loss function view of quality..
(b) Explain the goal post view of quality and illustrate it.
4 (a) Define quality of design , quality of conformance and quality of performance.
(b) What is the chain reaction of improving the quality.
5 (a) Explain the brief measures of variability.
(b) How the control charts can be used to evaluate past, present and future state of a process.?
6 (a)Explain the construction of a p-chart with an example.
(b) Explain in brief measures of central tendency.
7(a) Explain sudden shift in level control chart pattern with suitable example.
(b) Explain the procedure for constructing interrelationship diagram with suitable example.

8(a) Construct Ishikava diagram of the barriers to quality management in an organization.
(b) Briefly explain the change concepts for waste elimination.
9 (a) What are the types of process capability studies ? Describe them in brief.
(b) Explain the following process capability indices in brief :
(i) Cp
(ii) CPU
10 (a) Explain the purpose of acceptance sampling. What are the different types of sampling plans ?
(b) (i) Explain the Kp rule for stable process.
(ii) Explain the assumptions required to use the Kp rule.

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