RGPV Question Papers Cellular Mobile Communication June 2011

RGPV Question Papers

Cellular Mobile Communication June 2011


Note – Attempt one question from each Unit. Ail questions carry equal marks.


Q.1 Describe a basic cellular system and discuss its performance criteria.

(b) Define frequency reuse. Why is it useful in cellular telephone systems ? What is meant by frequency reuse factor ?


Q.2 Describe the process of cell splitting, segmentation and dualization.

(b) Define and explain hand off mechanism. What is the difference between soft and hard hand off?


Q.3 (a) Explain co-channel interference and how it affects the system capacity. Derive expression for signal to interference ratio.

(b) Describe the diversity receivers.


Q.4 (a) Discuss and derive the expression for co-channel interference reduction factor.

(b) Discuss various types of non-co-channel interference. Also explain the effect on coverage and interface by applying power decrease and antenna height decrease.


(a) Discuss the propagation over water or flat area between fixed stations.

(b) Discuss the effect of cell site antenna heights and visualization of signal coverage cells.


(a) Explain how to obtain mobile point to point model, (b) What are different types of cell cite and mobile antenna ? Explain.


(a) Describe the various aspects on fixed and non-fixed

channel assignment. What is sectorizat.on ? G.ve the comparison of omni cell and sectorized cell.

(b) What are the cell site hand off and intersystem hand off?

(a) Discuss the traffic load on a set up channel and on voice channels. What do you understand by channel assignment ?

(b) Explain the following :

Delaying of hand off

Difference hand off

Mobile assisted hand off


(a) Describe the GSM system architecture. Also outline the services offered by GSM.

Describe code division multiple accessing. Why power management is required in CDMA system ? Write mechanism to do so.


10. (a) Briefly describe the GS.M cellular telephone system. What are different channel types used in GSM ? Also explain, how a call is made in GSM.

Explain the following :

. (i) Cordless phone

(ii) Mobile satellite communication


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