RGPV Question Papers Computer System Organization Dec 2010

   RGPV Question Papers

                                           Computer System Organization Dec 2010                                    


NOTE: Attempt any five questions.Each question carries equal marks

Q.1 (a)How many 128×8 RAM chips are needed to provide a memory capacity of 2048 bytes?

(b)How many lines of the address bus must be used to access 2048 bytes of memory ?

(c)How many lines must be decoded for chip select? Specify the size of the Decoders.

Q.2 (a) Explain Register transfer language? Design a 5×32 decoder using 3*8 and 2×4 decoder?
b) Design the logic diagram of:
x : R1 ? R1 + R2

Q.3 (a) Explain DMA.
(b)Explain in brief about RAM, ROM, Bootstrap Loader, Cache Memory, Hit Ratio and types of mapping

Q.4 (a)What are different type of addressing modes with example.
(b)Write five differences of Hardwired and micro programmed control

Q.5 (a)Draw the flow chart for Multiplication & its working with Booth.
(b) A two-way set associative cache memory uses blocks of four words. The cache can accommodate a total of 2048 words from main memory. The main memory size is 128K*32 . All information required to construct cache memory.(tag and index etc.)
Show the step by step multiplication process using Booth algorithm, when the binary number (+15)*(+13) using 5 bit register .
Q.6 Write Short Notes on the following: Any two:–
1. Direct Mapping
2. Page replacement algorithm
3. Virtual Memory
What is daisy-chaining priority?

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