RGPV Question Papers Data Communication June 2010

RGPV Question Papers

Data Communication June 2010

Attempt any five question. All questions carry equal marks.

1(a)Explain the basic components of data communication and their characteristics.
(b)Write a brief note on serial and parallel transmission giving suitable example.

2(a)Describe the concept of switching and contrast circuit switching and packet switching.
(b)Explain in brief the operation of time division multiplexing.
(c)What signal-to-noise ratio is needed to put a t1 carrier on 50 kHz line?

3(a)Suppose that x bits of user data are to be transitted over a k-hop path
in a packet switched networks as a series of packets, each containing p
data bits and h header bits ,with x >p+h. The bit rate of the lines is bbps
and propagation delay is negligible. What value of p minimizes the total
(b)Explain QAM modulator in brief.
(c)Write a brief note on Nyquist theorem.

4(a)Describe the function of Null Modem.
(b)What is bridge? Describe how to LANs following
Two different protocols can be connected using a bridge.

5(a) What is ISDN? Explain in detail.
(b)Explain the following components of baseband LANs:
(1)Network Interface Card (2)Repeaters
6(a)Explain the different types of Guided Media with example.
(b)Explain the characteristics of transmission line.

7(a)Describe the various error detection method.
(b)Assume the CRC generator polynomial of
x5 + x4 + x2 + 1 is used to provide error checking .
Compute the bit stream that will be transmitted
If a 111000111000 is sent.

8(a)Write short notes on following-
(1)Network topology
(2)Fax Modems
(3)Data compression devices
(4)Hamming code
(5)Transmission media.

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