RGPV Previous year Question papers -B. E. (First Semester)- Communication Skill – Dec., 2011


B. E. (First/Second Semester) EXAMINATION, Dec., 2011

(Grading System)

(Common for all Branches)


Time : Three Hours

Note : (i) Attempt all the five questions.

(ii) All questions carry equal marks.

(iii) Part (a) of each question is compulsory.

(iv) There can be internal choice within each question,

1. (a) Write the phonetic transcription of the following words :

(i)  go

(ii) chin

(iii) home

(iv) ring

(b) Write in detail on oral presentation.


(a) Identify the common barriers and describe ways to remove them.

2. (a) Define any two of the following :

1. Atom

2. Radiation

3. Internet

4. Oxidation

(b) Write the technical description of a computer or lathe machine.

3. (a) Write the essential features of letter writing .

(b) Write an application for the post of an engineer in a multinational company. Enclose resume.


Prepare a tender for the construction of 30 feet bituminous road from 0 km to 110 km for sending it to the Executive Engineer, PWD, Fanna. Assume that you are a Manager in ABC Construction Company,


Q.4 (a) Discuss the importance of Note-writing in the college during lecture.

(b) Write short notes on any two of the

(i) Mowing :

(ii) Information Technology

(iii) India in 2020

(iv) Advertising

5. (a)  What is demonstration ?

(b) Write the structure of a report.


Discuss the importance of celebrating cultural events and functions in an organization.

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