RGPV Previous year question papers – Chemical Engineering – Thermodynamics – 2008

Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya(Technical University)

B.E Chemical Engineering

B.E.3rd sem


Question paper

B. E – 3rd Semester

Note: Section A is compulsory. Attempt any Four questions from Section B and two from Section C.

 Section A Marks 2 each

(a) What is a steam accumulator and its function?

(b) What are the ideal working fluids for binary vapour cycle. Give reasons.

(c) What are boiler mountings and accessories? Differentiate.

(d) Define supersaturated flow.

(e) What is condition curve? Discuss.

(f) What are back pressure and extraction turbines? Illustrate.

(g) What is isothermal efficiency of a compressor?

(h) Define vacuum efficiency of a condenser.

(i) List the various losses taking place in a steam turbine.

(j) What is meant by overall efficiency of a turbine?

Section B Marks 5 each

2. Describe spring loaded safety valve with the help of a diagram.

3. A boiler produces 8.9 kg of steam per kg of coal from feed water at 45oC. The pressure of the steam is 10.5 bar. And dryness fraction 0.96. What is equivalent evaporation from and at 100oC per kg of coal?

4. Dry saturated steam at 3.5 bar having negligible velocity expands in a convergent nozzle to 1.3 bar and dryness fraction 0.94.Calculate velocity of steam leaving nozzle.

5. What is compounding and its advantages? Describe briefly velocity compounding.

6. Describe the methods of attaching blades to turbine rotor.

Section C Marks 10 each

7. Describe Stirling boiler with the help of a neat diagram giving its construction and working.

8. A De-Level turbine is supplied 15 kg/min of steam with a velocity of 1000 m/s. The nozzle angle is
20oC. Mean blade velocity is 400 m/s and inlet and outlet angles of blades are equal. Find:

(a) Blade angles

(b) Tangential force on blades

(c) Power developed.

9. The piston of an air compressor has a displacement of 12 m3/min. If air intake is at 1 bar and 15oC
and compressor in 70 s raises the pressure in 2 m3 receiver to 7.5 bar and temperature is 40oC, what is
the volumetric efficiency of compressor? Assume initial pressure and temperature in the receiver to be 1 bar and 15oC.

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