RGPV Previous Year Question Papers BE Database Management System 5th Sem Nov- Dec 2007

RGPV Previous Year Question Papers BE

Database Management System 5th Sem Nov- Dec 2007


Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks.

1.    (a)   Discuss main categories of data models.

(b)   Explain the following terms :

(i) Database schema

(ii) data independence

©     Explain the difference between the two-tier and three-tier client\ server architecture.

2.  (a)     Construct an E-R diagram for a hospital with set of patients and set of medical doctors.

Associate with each patient a log of various tests and examination conducted.

(b)     What is subclass ? When is subclass needed in data modeling ?  Explain is-a relationship.

3.  (a)     Differentiate between the following :

(i) Super key and Primary key

(ii) Strong entity and weak entity

(iii) Generalization and Specialization

(iv) User defined and attribute specialization

(b)   Discuss entity and referential integrity constraints . Why each is considered important ?

4.(a)    What is Union compatible ? Why do the Union, intersection and set-difference operation require

That the relation on which they are applied are union compatible ?

(b)     Explain with respect to tuple calculus :

(i) tuple variable    (ii) range relation   (iii) atom formula   (iv) expression

(iv )(Exsitential quantifier ) and \−/ (universal quantifier) .

5.   Consider  the following database primary key underlined :


Department (DNO, D Name, MGRENO, MGR start date )

Dept-location (DNO,Diocation)

Project (PNAME, PNO, Placation, DNO)

Works (ENO, PNO, hours)

Department (ENO, dep-name, Sex, bate, relationship)

For each of the following quires  given expression in SQL and relation algebra :

(a)  Retrieve the names if all employees in department

(b)  List the name of all employee who have no dependents

(c)  Retrieve the name of all employee who do not work on any project

(d)  Retrieve the average salary of all female employees.

(e)  Find the names of all employee who work on at lest one project locted in Hyderabad .

(f)  Write SQL, DDSL statements for the above database.

6. (a)  Consider the relation R (A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I, J)and set of functional dependencies :

F = { {A, B} → {C},{A} →{D,E}, {B} → {F}, {F}

→ {G,H}, {D}→{I,J} }

What is the key of R , Decompose R in 2 NF and 3 NF ?

(b)  Explain the following :

(i)   Trivial dependency

(ii)  Lossless decomposition

(iii)  Dependency preservation

(iv)   Functional dependency

(v)    Multivalued dependency

7. (a) Explain data fragmentation ,replication and allocation techniques for distributed database design.

(b) Explain, join natural join, outer join, full outer join, lft outer join and right outer join with example .

8.  Write short notes on any four of the following :

(i) Oracle tools.

(ii) Object orient database design

(iii)  Security constraint in DBMS

(iv) Role of DBA

(v) Database management system architecture.

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