RGPV Previous year Question Paper BE(IV) SEM Material science and Metallurgy – June,2011

B.E. (fourth semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2011

(Comman for AU,IM,IP&ME Engg. Branch)




Note:    (i)     Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks. Assuming missing data suitably.

1.                   What are the different methods for producing iron in the industry? Explain any one in



2.  (a)    Explain Van  der  waal’s, ionic and covalent bonds .

     (b)    What properties should be considered while selecting acid, basic and natural refectory?

3.           Explain the following mechanical property:

              (i) Ductility

             (ii) Brittleness

            (iii)  Hardness

            (iv)  Toughness

            (v)  Stiffness

            (vi)  Malleability

            (vii)  Resilience

            (viii)  Strength

            (ix)   Fatigue

            (x)    Creep


4.   (A) Explain the fracture mechanism of mild steel in tensile loading.

      (b)   Differentiate between point and line defects in a crystal.

5.  (a)  Explain the following:

            (i) Eutectic system

            (ii) Peristaltic system

            (iii) Eutectoid system

     (b)  How does alloy formation takes place?


6.        Draw iron-carbon equilibrium diagram. Explain in detail.

7.       What do you mean by TTT diagram? What is the effect of cooling rate and cooling medium on

          properties obtained after heat treatment? Explain with diagram.


8. Explain the following:

       (i)  Normalization

      (ii)  Annealing

      (iii) Spheroid zings

      (iv)  Hardening

9.(a)  What are different applications of power metallurgy?.

   (b)  With composition write down advantages and applications of mild steel.

10.     Differentiate between plastic composites and ceramics. Classify plastic. What are different

           properties of plastic?  




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