RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Sem Computer System and Organization June 2010

 RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Semester

Computer System and Organization June 2010 

(Comman for CS,EC&IT, Engineeirng.)


Note: Attempt one question from each unit.

All question carry equal marks.

1.     (a)  Draw and explain the functional block diagram of 8085 microprocessor . Also draw its flag


(b)  Write down the instruction format of a basic computer . Explain the fetch. Decode and

execution cycle of any one.


2.    Write short notes on the following :

(a)   Computer register

(b)  Stored program organization

©   Micro operation

(d) Instruction cycle

3.   (a)     Compare hardwired microprogramed control units giving their relatives merits and demerits.

(b)    Draw the format of a microinstruction and explain how a microprogramming sequencer works.

4.   (a)    Explain the algorithm for division of a signed magnitude data. What is divide overflow?

(b)    Draw the block diagram of a BCD adder . Explain How decimal subtraction can be performed.

5.    (a)   Explain how I/O interface supervise and synchronize the processor bus and peripheral devices.

(b)  What are the different methods of DMA transfer ? Explain the actual process of direct memory



6.     (a)  Enlist the data transfer instruction of 8085 microprocessor . Write an assembly language

program to add two 8 bit numbers 46 H and 52 H and t store the result at 4008 H.

(b)   What are the advantages of handshaking during asynchronous data transfer? Which signed are

used for handshaking?

7.    (a)   Explain the following terms:

(a)  Destructive and non-destructive memory readout.

(b)  Read and virtual memory

©  Associative and set associative mapping.

(d)  Memory management unit.


8.    (a)  Explain cache memory organization which mapping techniques are used in cache memory ?

(b)  A virtual memory system has an address space of 8K words, a memory space of 4 k words and

page and block size of k words. The following page reference changes occur during a given time

interval .(only page changes are listed . If the same page is referenced again ,

it is not listed twice)


Determine the 4 pages that are resident in main memory after each reference change if the

replacement algorithm used is :

(a)  FIFO     (b)  LRU

9.  (a)  Draw a four segment instruction pipeline . Also draw the timing diagram >

(b)  Explain the following terms in relation to pipeline.

(i)  Throughput       (ii)   Space time diagram     (iii)   Speedup

(iv)  Hardware interlocks   (v) Operand forwarding.

10.  (a) Explain how branch instruction are handled in pipeline ?

(b)  Write a short on supercomputers.

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