RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Sem Computer Science and Organization Dec 2007

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 4th Semester

Computer Science and Organization Dec 2007

(Comman for CSEC &IT Engg.)


Note: Solve any one question from each unit.

Answer should be laconic. All question carry equal marks.

1.   (a)    What is difference between  direct and an direct address instruction?

(b)    Represent the following conditional control statement by two register transfer statement with


IF (P=1) Then (R1←R2) else (ѳ=1) then (R1 ←R3)

2.  (a)    A digital computer has a memory unit with a capacity of 16348 words , 40 bits per words, The

instruction code format consists of six bits for the operation part and 14 bits for the address part

(no indirection mode bit.) Two instruction are packed in one memory word and a 40-bit

instruction register . It is available in control unit . Formulate a procedure for fetching and

executing instruction for this computer.

(b)        Explain implicit and register addressing mode with example.

3.   (a)   Formulate a mapping procedure that provides eight  consecutive microinstruction  foe each

routine The operation code has six bits and the control memory  has 2048 words.

(b)    Explain the difference between hardwired control and micro programmed  control .Is it possible

to have a hardwired control associate with a control memory ?


4.   Explain the following:

(i) Micro –operation          (ii) Microinstruction

(iii) Microcode                   (iv) Microcode

(iv) Pipeline register

5. (a)   Explain Booth Multiplication Algorithm.

(b)   Represent the number (+46.5)10 as a floating point binary number with 24 bits. The normalized

fraction Mantissa has 16 bits and the exponent has 8 bits.

6. (a)      Draw and Explain the flowchart for hand ware divide operation.

(b)        Explain the hardwire for signed magnitude addition and subtraction with block diagram.

7.  (a)     Why does DMA have priority over the CPU when both request are memory transfer ? Explain

(b)    Explain daisy chaining priority interrupt.

8.  (a)    Why are the read and write control line in DMA controller bidirectional? Under what condition

for what purpose are the used as input? Under what condition and for purpose are they used

as output?

(b)    Difference between memory mapped I/O and isolate I/O. What are the advantages and

disadvantages of each?

9.  (a)     An address space is specified by 24 bits and the corresponding memory space by 16 bits . How

many words are there in address space in how many words are in there memory space?

(b)      Explain two-way set associative mapping cache.

10.  (a)   Describe by means by block diagrams . How multiple matched words can be reads out of an

associative memory.

(b)   Formulative a six segment instruction for pipeline for a computer. Specify the operation to be

performed in each segment.

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