RGPV Previous Year Question Papers Database Management System 5th Sem Dec 2008

RGPV Previous Year Question Papers 5th Sem

Database Management System Dec 2008



 Note:      Attempt all question . All question carry equal marks.

1.    (a)    Give the proper definition of the following :

(i)     Degree of relation

(ii)    Strong Entity set

(iii)    Physical Schema

(iv)   Instance

(b)    Give example of the following :

(i)     A many to many relationship in which one of the participants is another relationship.

(ii)    A subtype that has an associated weak entity that does not apply to the super type.

2.  (a)    Explain referential integrity with suitable example.

(b)    What are the responsibilities of database Administrator ? Explain them in brief .

3.  (a)    Discuss the type of integrity constraints that must be checked for the update operations insert

and delete . Give example.

(b)    R(A,B) and S(A,C) be two relations. Give relational algebra expressions for te following domain

Calculus expressions.

(i)  {<a>| b (<a, b > Єr ^ b = 17)}

(ii)  {<a, b , c> |<a, b> Єr ^ <a, c> Єs}

(iii)  {<a> |b( c {<a, b> Єr) ^ <a, c>   Єs) } }

4. (a)   Difference between the following :

(i)  Intension and Extension

(ii)  Natural join and theta join

(iii) Primary Key and alternative  key.

(b)   Explain the use of division relational operator with example.

5. (a)    Differentiate between tuple oriented and domain oriented relational calculates.

(b)   Consider te following relational database :

Employee (employee-name ,street, city)

Works (employee name_ company _name, salary)

Company (company _name, city)

Manages (employee_name,manager_name)

Write SQL for the following queries :

(i)   Find the name of all employee In this database who live in the same city as the cowpony for which

they work.

(Ii)   Find the name of all employee  who live in the same city and on the same street as do their


(iii)   Find the name of all employees in this database who do not work for the company ‘FBC’

6. (a)  What is NULL? Give an example to illustrate testing for NULL in SQL .

(b)  Describe substring comparison in SQL ? For the relation person (name,addresswrite a SQL which

Retrieves the names of people whose name begin with ‘A’ and address contains ‘Bangalore’ .

7. (a)  Explain the recovery process after system failure using checkpoint.

(b)  Discuss the factor that does not apper in centralized system that affect concurrency control and

recovery in distributed system.

8. (a)   Explain how the concept of object identity in the object oriented models differs from the concept

of tuple equality in the relational model.

(b)  Prove that a relation which is in 4NF must be in a BCNF .

9. (a) Explain the following feature of ORACLE:

(I)  Sequence   (ii)  Triggers   (iii)  SQL loader

(b)   How is the database organized in oracle ?

10. (a)  How will you make the relationship between two tables in MS ACCESS ? Write steps .

(b)  Explain the various data types available in MS ACCESS.

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