RGPV Previous Year Question Paper BE (IV) SEM. Material science and Metallurgy- Dec. 2010

B.E. (fourth semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2010

(Comman for AU,IM,IP&ME Engg. Branch)



Note:    (i)     Attempt all questions.

              (ii)    All question carry equal marks.

             (iii)    Assuming missing data suitably.

1.           What is steel? Enlist different types of steels. Also mention their composition, uses and

               advantages over another.

2.           Calculate APF, number of nearest neighbors’, for metals of BCC, FCC and HCP structures

3.           Define cold and hot working. Differentiate them. What is the effect of hot and cold working of

               metals on their mechanical propties?

4. (a)      Explain stress-strain curve for mild steel.

    (b)      Explain the deformation by slip and twning .

5.           With reference to iron carbon equilibrium diagram explain of the following

              (i)  Cementite

              (ii)  Ferrite

              (iii)  Austenite

              (iv)   Pearlite

               (v)    Marten site

6. (a)     Enlist Hume-Rothery’s rules.

     (b)    How does solidification of pure mettle take place?

7.           Explain the following:

                   (i)      Tempering

                   (ii)  Case hardening

                   (iii)  Austempering

                   (iv)  Mar tempering


 8.  (a)     Explain precipitation hardening process with reference to  AL alloy.

       (B)     Define the term hardenabilty. What factors affect hardenabiltY?

9.             What do you mean by powder metallurgy? Explain all the steps involved for making  a product

                by powder metallurgy .

10.  (a)    With a neat sketch of figure testing machine explain method .

        (b)   Write down composition and properties of Bronze and Brass.

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