RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 3rd Semester Civil Engineering-Building Drawing and Design 2012

RGPV Previous Question Papers BE 3rd Semester Civil Engg.

Building Drawing and Design 2012



1 (a) Explain different views of a building such as plan, section and elevation. What information can be derived through them ?
(b) By drawing figure of a building show- Beam,column ,DPC and lintel

2(a) Design and draw details of a dog legged stair case to be provided in a residential building with floor to floor height 3.3 m, consider the width of the stair 1.0m.
(b) Differentiate the flush door and panel door by drawing a figure. Discuss the suitablility of panel door, flush door and water proof flush door.

3(a) What is orientation? Draw the sun diagram and discuss the suitability of various units of residential building according to their requirement of light.
(b) Write short note on
i) Aspect
ii) Roominess
iii) Privacy

4(a) Economy is the first principle of planning-Discuss it.
(b) Differentiate the following
i) Circulation with Ventilation
ii) Water supply with sanitation
iii) Aspect with Prospect

5(a) Describe and discuss the concept of percent built up area and FAR. Discuss th exemptions of each.
(b) What is setbacks? Discuss the setbacks with reference to plot size. Also explain how they are useful tool to restrict the percentage built up area.

6(a) Write seven important provisions related to National Building code.
(b) Discuss the concept of colony planning. Write the salient feature of colony planning.

7 Plan a residential building on a plot sixe of 9.25X 15 .m with all necessary amenities. Provide at least on bed room on the ground floor. Percent built up area allowed is 80% and FAR 1.8. draw plan and sectional elevation.

8. Draw line diagram on the graph sheet for health centre building in block level location.
9. Plan and draw line diagram for a primary school to accommodate 800 students. Draw line diagram and show the particular of one class room by drawing double line diagram.

10 . Plan and draw the line diagram of hostel building for 60 students. Draw line diagram on the graph sheet.

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