RGP Old Question papers -B. E. (First/Second Semester) – Communication Skill – June, 2011


B. E. (First/Second Semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2011

(Common for all Branches)


Time : Three Hours

Maximum Marks : 70


Note : (i) All questions carry equal marks.

(ii) Part ‘a’ of each question is compulsory.

(iii) There can be internal choice within each question.


1. (a) Turn the following into indirect speech :

(i)            He said to me, “I have often told you not to play with fire.”

(ii)           She said, “How’s your father ?”

(iii)        The poor man exclaimed, “ Will none of you help me ?”

(iv)         “You have all done very badly !” remarked the teacher.

(b) Describe the process of communication. Also explain it with the help of schematic representation.


How is feedback important in communication ? Give two examples of delayed feedback.


2. (a) Define the following :

(i) Drilling

(ii) Acceleration

(a)        Write detailed notes on any two of the following :

(i)            The problem of ‘employability’ of technical students     .

(ii)           Air pollution

(iii)         Listening skills


3. (a) What do you understand by ‘open punctuation’ ? How does it differ from ‘mixed punctuation’ or ‘closed punctuation’ ?

(a)        As the librarian of your organization write a letter claiming compensation for 47 books which arrived in a damaged condition.


Write a letter of application in response to the following advertisement :

‘A multinational company requires marketing executives. Candidates should be graduate with about two years’ experience in marketing. Age should not exceed 28 years. Attractive salary commensurate with ability offered. Bright prospects of promotion for the right men. Apply within two weeks to P. ,0. Box No. 5777, New Delhi, 110008.



4. (a) Write slogans for advertisement of a mobile phone.

(a)        Write the technical description of a refrigerator.


As the secretary of the college union, prepare a speech welcoming the chief guest on the ‘college day’ function.


5. (a) What factors one needs to keep in mind while talking

on telephone ?

(b)        What is observation report ? Elaborate.


Write short notes on the following :

(i)             Preface

(ii)           Copyright notice

(iii)         Recommendations

(iv)         Bibliography

(v)     Glossary


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