RGPV Question Papers BE 3rd Semester Civil Engineering-Engineering Geology 2012

RGPV Question Papers BE 3rd Semester Civil Engineering

Engineering Geology 2012



B E III semester(civil engineering)

Examination oct-nov. 2012



Q.1 (a) Discuss the structure of the Earths Crust
(b) Geological work of river.

Q. 2 (a) Write notes on the following.
(a) Hydrologic cycle
(b) Water table
(c) Glacial valleys
(d) Sand Dunes

Q. 3 Discuss the Classification of Sedimentary rocks
Explain the various texture of igneous rocks

Q.4 Explain the following
(a) Natural bed of stone of Bedding plain
(b) Gneissose and Schistose structure of rock
c) properties of Slate and Marble
(d) Bowens Reaction Series
(e) minerals

Q.5 Discuss the classification of folds.
Q.6 Write notes on the following.
(a) Earthquake waves
(b) Columnar joints
C) Unconformity
D) Magnitude and Intensity

Unit –IV
Q.7 Discuss the various applications of Remote Sensing in Civil Engineering.
Q.8 Write notes on the following.
(a) GIS
(b) Satellite Imageries
c) spectral signature
d) scanning and framing system
e) active and passive remote sensing

Q.9 Name the various of Geophysical exploration. Discuss the Electrical resistively method

Q.10 Write notes on the following
a) Engineering properties or rocks
b) Porosity and Permeability of rocks
c) Site selection for Bridge
d) geological considerations for Dam construction.

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