Study Plan for CS Foundation Exam 2019

Study Plan For CS Foundation Exam 2020

Study Plan for CS Foundation Exam 2019Study Plan For CS Foundation Exam 2020: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) conducts the CS Foundation Exam Twice in a year. 

To prepare properly the exam, you must have enough study materials along with the latest CS foundation Syllabus and Mark Distributions.

You should have a solid study plane CS Foundation Exam 2020 based on latest syllabus.

Here in this post, we are going to cover a thorough article on Study Plan For CS Foundation Exam 2020. So you can create your own CS Foundation Preparation plan and crack the exam.

Study Plan for CS Foundation Exam 2020

Without proper planning, we cannot get a better result in any exam. Exam preparation without planning is just like a ship without sailor. It will not reach the destination. You have to create a proper study plan and stuck on it.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India has postponed the exam dates for the CS Foundation exam via a notification on April 30. As per the notification, the exam was scheduled from June 1 to June 10 will now be conducted from July 6.

You should analysis yourself, and by practicing correctly, you can convert your weakness into your strength. To achieve a good result in any task, you should work properly on it. You should be dedicated to your study plan and free from distraction.

Don’t take any unrealistic steps like last day CS preparation.

How To Prepare For Company Secretary  Foundation Exam 2020

Experts and previous year toppers have claimed that a candidate can start their preparations in full swing, 6 months before the exam commencement date. 6 months will be enough time to cover all the important topics of all the 4 Papers if a candidate prepares with proper dedication towards qualifying the CS Foundation level of exam.

You can easily clear the CS Foundation exam and 4 papers with 6 months. You should build a solid, thorough concept within this period. In the first 3 months, understand all the subjects so that you can start preparation with full confidence.

After clearing all your doubts, now you should have CS Foundation study material and start your preparation. Within 3 months of master all the subjects.

In the remaining 3 months practice CS Scanners and CS Previous Exam Papers to aware about the following:-

  • Total time duration you need to solve the paper.
  • Your weakness in any section. So you can practice better to overcome the weakness it.
  • Understand the real exam, so you do better time management.
  • You can identify more time taking sections or confusing sections. So you can start with an easier section first in the real exam to solve more questions with confidence.

You have to CS Foundation revision properly. Make a revision plan so that you can revise all topics according to their weightage and difficulty level.

Don’t try to learn new topics in this time period. You have to devote at least 5-6 hours per day. So you will fill more confident and understand the exam better.

Follow ultimate CS Foundation prepartion tips as below to crack the exam.

Know The CS Foundation Syllabus And Exam Pattern

You should know about the CS Foundation syllabus and exam pattern. You should analysis 4 papers in detailed so a better study plan for CS Foundation exam can be created. CS Foundation exam will cover four papers as below.

  • English and Business communication
  • Economics and statistics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Elements of Business Laws and Management

You have to solve 100 questions without any negative marking. You have to scores a minimum of 40% in each paper and 50% aggregate, including all subjects to clear the exam.

Make A Study Schedule For CS Foundation Exam

You have to analysis the CS Foundation syllabus and identify your strength and weakness according to various sections. Make a proper study plan by prioritizing your weaker sections in the top.

By practicing those sections better and build a thorough concept on them, you can easily convert your weakness to your strength before the final exam. It will help you to score better. Sections.

You will see that the Syllabus of CS Foundation level is similar to 12th class syllabus. With a depth concept in class 12 syllabus, you can easily crack the CS Foundation exam.

Prepare With Best CS Foundation Books 2020 And Study Materials

Before jump into the preparation, make sure you have purchased the best CS Foundation books and study materials. So you can easily develop a depth concept on every topic. To make yourself preparation level high, you should have following CS Foundation study materials,

You should purchase the CS Foundation study materials from best publishers. Some top publishers for CS Foundation Book are,

  • Shuchita Prakashan for Company Secretary Foundation Program
  • SChand Publications for Company Secretary Foundation Program
  • Laxmi Publications for Company Secretary Foundation Program
  • Faculty Notes for Company Secretary Foundation Program
  • ICSI for Company Secretary Foundation Program
  • Reserve Bank of India for Company Secretary Foundation Program
  • ASIAN for Company Secretary Foundation Program

Stay Focused & Motivated

You should be more focus. A better focus and self-determination are the key to get success in any task. Say no to your distraction like usage of social media, avoid watching multiple teacher’s videos. So that you will stay away from confusion.

You should stick on your study plan for CS Foundation. Do not waste any time and stay away from procrastination. Delaying the work on tomorrow is the failure to success.

How Kopykitab Helps You To Prepare Better?

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Here we have covered a detailed guide on the study plan for CS Foundation Exam 2020. We hope you have now a clear idea about the Company Secretary Foundation exam preparation.

If you have any doubts, ask us anytime in the comment section below. We are always ready to solve your queries.

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