UGC NET Comprehension Notes 2021: Paper 1 Comprehension Notes

UGC NET Comprehension Notes 2020-21: Are you preparing for UGC NET Paper 1? Do you have the latest Comprehension Notes?

Don’t worry! Here we have provided the latest UGC NET Comprehension Notes. You can check easily check the Comprehension Notes and also able to download the Comprehension for UGC NET PDF.

UGC NET Comprehension Notes 2021

UGC NET Exam, the exam which tests the eligibility of Indian Nationals for ‘Assistant Professor’ or for ‘Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor’ both in Indian Universities and Colleges.

Comprehension UGC NET is an essential part of the UGC NET Paper 1 Syllabus 2020-21. With proper preparation and UGC NET Comprehension notes PDF, you can easily attempt all the questions in the Paper-I exam correctly.

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Check the Complete Notes on Comprehension In India.

Here you can find the important UGC NET Comprehension Notes. You should know that you have to read the questions first and then read the passage, you will find the answers within it. Also, find various important strategies related to UGC NET Reading Comprehension.

English Section Strategy

  1. You should know that solving English RC has become an inevitable part of almost every competitive Exam.
  2. You will find a quite simple format of comprehension. It contains a passage of approx. 300-500 words.
  3. It is taken from a ‘published material’ 5 questions are asked on this.
  4. These questions vary in Quality & range. They test our ability to read a passage, comprehend its meaning, and criticize its strengths & weaknesses.
  5. A Comprehension passage contains multiple paragraphs, each containing a central idea which is explained with ideas & examples.
  6. The student should approach the passage with an open mind. There is no place for the reader’s own opinion, assumptions, or prejudice.

Exam Strategies

If you have to get through the Reading Comprehension section without breaking the ice, then adopt these measures.

  • To grasp any passage you need to be a deep thinker you should know how to connect with the words of the author.
  • To enhance it, read the editorial of the renowned newspaper daily which touches all aspects like the economy, sports, politics, terrorism, entertainment, etc.
  • Just don’t read the passage try to visualize it like a story and get the grip of the actual message of the passage and infer.
  • A good rule of thumb is to practice quizzes at least a month prior to the UGC NET exam, as it is a scoring section.

Important Tips to Remember For UGC NET Comprehension

  1. Read and visualize.
  2. Recognize the keywords.
  3. Time management is an important aspect.
  4. Ignore the useless words.
  5. Don’t panic and lose confidence.
  6. Gist only the message
  7. Connect with the tone of the author.
  8. Make a habit of finding keywords quickly & underline those words.

We hope these important tips will help you out to crack the English section in the best possible way.

Other Important UGC NET Paper 1 Notes

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We have covered the detailed guide on UGC NET Comprehension Notes 2020-21. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

FAQs- UGC NET Comprehension Notes

How many reading comprehension passages asked in UGC NET paper 1?

In UGC NET paper 1, a passage is asked in it, which is 300-500 words, and 5 questions were asked from the same passage.

How many marks does a reading comprehension topic contain?

The Reading Comprehension topic consists of 10 marks and 5 questions.

Why does UGC NET ask for reading comprehension?

Reading Comprehension in UGC NET is aimed at testing the candidate’s knowledge of two elements i.e. Vocabulary and Text Comprehension.

What are the approaches to solve Reading Comprehension questions?

You can solve reading comprehension-related questions using one of these two approaches. 1) Paragraph First & Questions Later. 2) Questions First & Paragraph Later.

Where can I get UGC NET Comprehension Notes PDF?

Download NET Comprehension Notes PDF from the above blog.

How to approach the Paragraph to solve Reading Comprehension questions easily?

Try to identify the Subject of the passage, the main idea of the passage, and the Tone of the passage.

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension is a passage of text is given. Questions are asked from the passage to be answered.

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