CBSE Class 11 Physical Education 2022 | Syllabus, NCERT Solutions, Papers, Notes

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education
CBSE Class 11 Physical Education 2022: Physical education is one of  the most important subject for the students. Physical education teaches the kids how to stay healthy. It is one the most scoring subject for Class 11 students. To score good marks you can easily get the detailed Physical Education Syllabus, NCERT solutions, Papers, & Notes. Read the complete article to get detailed informtion on Physical Education.

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Syllabus

Here you will get the detailed CBSE Class 11 Syllabus for Physical Education along with section-wise marks distribution. You can take a look at the units included in CBSE 11th Physical Education Syllabus along with the marks distribution:

UNIT  Name UNIT  Name
1 Changing Trends & Career in Physical Education
  • Meaning & definition of Physical Education
  • Aims & Objectives of Physical Education
  • Career Options in Physical Education.
  • Khelo-India Program
4 Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children With Special
Needs- Divyang)
  • Aims & objectives of Adaptive Physical Education
  • Organization promoting Adaptive Sports (Special Olympics Bharat; Paralympics; Deaflympics)
  • Role of various professionals for children with special needs
  • (Counsellor, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Physical Education Teacher, Speech Therapist & special Educator)
2 Olympic Value Education
  • Olympics
  • Olympic Symbols, Ideals, Objectives & Values of
  • Olympism
  • International Olympic Committee
  • Indian Olympic Association
5 Yoga
  • Meaning & Importance of Yoga
  • Elements of Yoga
  • Introduction – Asanas, Pranayam, Meditation & Yogic Kriyas
  • Yoga for concentration & related Asanas (Sukhasana; Tadasana; Padmasana & Shashankasana, Naukasana, Vrikshasana (Tree pose), Garudasana (Eagle pose)
3 Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle
  • Meaning & Importance of Physical Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle
  • Components of physical fitness and Wellness
  • Components of Health related fitness
6 Physical Activity & Leadership Training
  • Leadership Qualities & Role of a Leader
  • Meaning, objectives & types of Adventure Sports (Rock Climbing, Tracking, River Rafting, Mountaineering, Surfing and Paragliding)
  • Safety measures to prevent sports injuries
7 Test, Measurement & Evaluation
  • Define Test, Measurement & Evaluation
  • Importance of Test, Measurement & Evaluation In Sports
  • Calculation of BMI & Waist – Hip Ratio.
  • Measurement of health related fitness.
9 Psychology & Sports
  • Definition & Importance of Psychology in Phy. Edu. & Sports
  •  Define & Differentiate Between Growth & Development.
  • Adolescent Problems & Their Management
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology in
  • Definition and Importance of Anatomy, Physiology &
  • Function of Skeleton System, Classification of Bones &
    Types of Joints.
  • Function & Structure of Respiratory System and
    Circulatory System.
  • Equilibrium – Dynamic & Static And Centre of Gravity
    and its application in sports
10 Training and Doping in Sports
  • Meaning & Concept of Sports Training
  • Principles of Sports Training
  • Concept & classification of doping
  • Prohibited Substances & their side effects
Project File
(About one sport/game of choice )
Project File
(Yoga and General Motor Fitness Test)
Demonstration of Fitness Activity 05
Demonstration of Fitness Activity/Yoga
Viva Voce (From Project File; Fitness) 05
Viva Voce (From Viva Voce (From Project File; General Motor
Fitness; Yoga)

In the Proficiency in Games and Sports section the students have to select any one of the following games –

  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Kho-Kho
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Hockey
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Bocce & Unified Basketball
  • [CWSN (Children With Special Needs –

The record file must contains the following practical:- 

  • Practical-1: Fitness tests administration for all items
  • Practical-2: Procedure for Asanas, Benefits & Contraindication for any two Asanas for each lifestyle disease.
  • Practical-3: Procedure for administering Senior Citizen Fitness Test for 5 elderly family members.
  • Practical-4: Any one game of your choice out of the list above. Labelled diagram of field & equipment (Rules, Terminologies &

11th Physical Education Syllabus

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Books

The selection of the books is based on the content of the topics that you need to refer to. In most scenarios, the student prefers NCET textbooks for learning as those are the most reliable once considering the form exam point of view.

But there are other book publishers in the market who are getting their hand in providing Class 11 Physical Education books to students that can be more reliable than the ones available at NCERT. Irrespective of the content, the books should cover all the topics mentioned n the syllabus that is provided by NCERT.

Click the links below to Get CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Books

Download CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Books

Health And Physical Education For Class – IX To XII By V K Sharma

Health And Physical Education For Class XI & XII By Dr. Sopan E. Kangane

Health And Physical Education For Class – XI & XII (Practical Record) By V K Sharma 

A Textbook Of Physical Education Class 11 By Jogiswar Goswami

Mainstreaming Health And Physical Education Class 11 By Jogiswar Goswami 

Comprehensive Physical Education Class-XI By Indu Mazumdar

Health And Physical Education For Class-XI By Dr V K Sharma

Saraswati Health And Physical Education For Class -XI By Dr. V. K. Sharma

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Solutions

After the textbook, you must refer to Class 11 Physical Education solutions to prepare the 11th Exam correctly.  Physical Education Solutions will help you to build depth concept by providing the exercise wise explanation of all the problems. You will also find various Additional Questions from every exercise.

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education NCERT Solutions

NCERT experts have created Class 11 Physical Education Solutions to provide you depth concepts on every chapter. Experts have used simple and clear language while creating solutions so that any students can understand every problem without the help of any subject experts.

You should know that NCERT solutions have followed the latest CBSE syllabus and refer them as soon as possible to start your Physical Education preparation. It will not only help you to build the depth concept on the subject but also help you to crack various entrance and competitive exams.


CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Question Paper

You should have a Class 11 Physical Education Question Papers to bring your preparation to the next level. You should note that experts have created the materials by analyzing the 11th Physical Education chapter-wise exercise and the previous exams. You will find multiple questions for every single topic. You can build the depth concept in class 11 Physical Education by practicing more questions.

You should have the following materials to find the complete question papers related to CBSE Class 11th Physical Education Exam,

  • Sample Question Papers
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Question Bank

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Sample Question Papers

After completion of a sample paper, you will have a preview of the board question paper. It will also enhance your problem-solving speed and understanding of the subject. You will become more aware of the current pattern of the question papers after solving Class 11 Sample papers.

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are the great exam materials to prepare any exams. You must solve the 11th previous year papers for Physical Education before the board exam. You will recognize the changes in the previous exams throughout the time.

It will give you an idea about the repetitive sections and questions in class 11 Physical Education. You can also know your current preparation status by solving the previous year’s papers in the certain time as the real Exam and know preparation status and also help you to find your conceptual weaknesses. You can easily cover those before the board exam.

CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Revision Notes

Without revision of the complete syllabus, you will lose your chance to score a better grade in the 11th Board exam. To make your revision easier, our experts have created Class 11 Physical Education Revision Notes.

Here you will find all chapter wise theorems and concepts are summarized in the easier way so that any student can understand them quickly. They have also considered by analyzing previous years of question papers and Physical Education chapters. With the help of these, you can easily do proper revision before the board exam. It will help you to revise all chapters in the easier way in less time.

Download CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Revision Notes

CBSE Class-11 Physics Revision Notes For Physical World

MBD Super Refresher Physical Education Class-XI CBSE

Oswal CBSE Physical Education For Class – XI (Including Practicals) By Dr. Sanjib Kumar Bhowmik

We have covered a detailed guide on CBSE Class 11 Physical Education. Feel Free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

FAQ: CBSE Class 11 Physical Education

What is Physical Education Class 11?

Physical Education is a course taught in school that focuses on developing physical fitness and the ability to perform and enjoy day-to-day physical activities with ease.

What is the syllabus of 11 Physical Education?

You can refer to the above article to know the complete Syllabus of Class 11 Physical Education.

What is the aim of Physical Education Class 11th?

The aim of physical education is the wholesome development of the personality of an individual which means making an individual physically fit, mentally alert, emotionally balanced, socially well adjusted, morally true, and spiritually uplifted.

Is Physical Education easy?

Physical Education is a scoring subject and if prepared adequately a student can easily score 80-90 marks in Physical Education. 

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