Why to Choose Digital Books over Traditional Books?

Digital books

In the current world, we see everything is going digital. It might be shopping for dresses and groceries, checking bank details, watching movies, TV’s and so on. Now, even education is digitized. Students or professionals can study their subjects or courses using Digital books Online. This digital books or commonly known as e-books has definitely … Read more

Tips to Crack IIT JEE Subject-wise


IIT JEE is one of the major gateways for engineering stream aspiring candidates. Every student dreams about entering into an IIT college. But this is a tough path which requires hard work and determination. Students should make a timetable for preparation of IIT. As it consists of two levels: JEE mains and JEE advanced, it … Read more

eBooks: An Opportunity

The book market is undergoing a phase of transition. Developers are introducing new formats, manufacturers are building new devices, companies are creating new business models, and – most importantly – new readers are making the leap from paper books to eBooks. Experts agree that eBooks and eReaders are gaining momentum and are poised to make … Read more