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CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Basic Electrical Engineering – 2006-07

                                                                          BE (I Year)                                                                    Examination -2006-07                                                                Basic Electrical Engineering Q1 (a) Use nodal analysis method to find currents In the various...


CSVTU Exam Papers – BE I Year – Applied Physics – I – Nov-Dec 2009

                                                                             BE (I Year )                                                           Examination-Nov-Dec 2009                                                                       Applied Physics – I      Useful Physical Constants  Charge on the electron ‘e’ = 1.6 x 10″19 C Mass...


RGPV Previous year Question Paper BE(IV) SEM.Computer system and Organization- June,2007

B.E. (fourth semester) EXAMINATION, June, 2007 (Comman for CSEC &IT Engg.) (COMPUTER SYSTEM AND ORGANIZATION) Note:      Attempt any five questions. All question carry equal marks. 1. (a)     List at least five essential functional block...