Sample Paper Class IX Social Studies CBSE 2008

Sample Paper – 2008

Subject –
Social Studies


1. Why was Dietrich Brandis invited toIndia?

2. Name the two southern neighbours ofIndiaacross the sea.

3. Differentiate between convergent boundary and divergent boundary?

4. What is the bhangar?

5. Who is Aung San Suu Kyi?

6. Which of the following is a provision that a democratic constitution does not have?

a) Powers of the head of the state

b) Name of the head of the state

c) Powers of the legislature

d) Name of the country

7 Define the term ‘Preamble’

8 What do you understand by ‘people as a resource’?

9 List one hazard each in the mountain areas, coastal areas.

10 Classify the following disasters as man-made or natural:

Train accidents, tsunami, electrocution, and earthquakes

11, State the four elements of emergency, disaster management as recognised by the Commonwealth Government.

12. Differentiate between the terms ‘Democracy’ and ‘Non-democracy.

13. Point out two economic policies and two foreign policies adopted by Hitler to reconstructGermany.

13. What are the factors contributed to the making of the Indian Constitution?

14 Distinguish between the Western Coastal Plain and the Eastern Coastal Plain under the following headings:

I) extension ii) location iii) two rivers draining in each

iv) feature formed

15When and how theWeimerRepubliccame into existence? Why was it not well received by the people?

16 State any four important aspects to be remembered in any zone during Recovery and Rehabilitation.

17 Examine the consequences of the use of machines in agricultural production on the, poor farmers ofUSA. _-

18. What is the role of Health in human capital formation?

19. Trace any four factors responsible for the enclosure of common land inEnglandin the Eighteenth century.

20. How didGhanabecome a democratic country and later turn out to be under military rule?

21. What are the various activities undertaken in the primary sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector?

23. Why is public awareness of disaster management necessary? Give three points.

24. What are the various activities that take shape during the following phases:

i. Recovery and Reconstruction

ii. Prevention and Mitigation

25. What were the political changes that took place inGermanyimmediately after the First World War?

26. How did Nazi propagate their ideas among the Germans?

a. Why does Tamil Nadu coast receive rainfall during the cold             weather season?

b. What is Inter- Tropical convergence zone? Where does it lie?

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