3 reasons for using ebook

 Enhanced E-Books Are Coming and Will Only Get Better,Better & Best

Consumers have already shown that they love e-books for their convenience and accessibility, but ultimately most e-books today are the same as print, just in digital form. The e-book of the not-too-distant future will be much more than text. Interactivity has arrived and will change the nature of the e-book.
Imagine video
  • That shows how to fix a leaky faucet or solve complex math problems in statistics
  • Audio that pronounces foreign language words as you read them
  •  Assessment that lets you check what you remember and comprehend what you just read
These interactive features and more are being developed now and will be on the market soon
Publishers are already conjuring up designs for the enhanced e-book of the future.
 Imagine still: If you miss five questions on your geometry test, will your book adapt and change to help you learn the questions and concepts you missed?
 Your new ebook provide a platform for live exchange with reading groups where you can discuss the book with the author.

The Device War Is Nearly Over

Devices are proliferating to the point of confusion. Does a consumer buy a  Nook, kindle, Sony e-reader, an iLex or any one of  20 other dedicated e-books ? Or do you  buy an I Pad, Galaxy Tab, or other Android  tablet. Have you ever noticed on a crowded train or bus how many people are reading their phone? And for a growing number of readers, the mobile phone is fine for reading just about anything. Because most developers are developing e-reader software that will work on multiple other devices

The Contextual Upsell Will be a Business Model to Watch

E-books allow publishers to interact with their customers in new ways. Imagine customers who are trying to learn statistics and get stuck on a particular formula. They ask friends but no one can explain it well. Just click  help button, which points you to the publisher site where you can download relevant tutorials about specific formulas. you can choose the one you need and get a new learning tool, which helps you to progress in class.
Multiply this by hundreds and thousands of students who share similar learning gaps through Ebooks

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