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CBSE Sample Paper Class XII, Economics

Economics CLASS XII HALF YEARLY EXAMINATION Introductory Macro Economics Time Allowed:3Hours M.M-100   General Instruction: i) Answer all the questions. ii) Question no 1 contains very short answer questions of one mark each. Answer...


CBSE Sample Paper Class XII, Physics

PHYSICS Class XII   Electrostatics , Current-Electricity & Magnetism Q.1> Define Coulomb. Calculate the charge carried by 12.5×1018 electrons. Q.2> Define resistivity of a material. Does it depend on temp? Q.3> How many protons...


Pune Technical University IT Syllabus

PUNE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY B.E. Information Technology 2008 Course Proposed in 2011-12 (Faculty of Engineering) Structure of B.E. (Information Technology) 2008 Course Proposed in 2011-12 Part – I Sub No. Subject Teachin g Scheme Examination...