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Ebook or EPaper

From E-Book to E-Paper E-books are the slim screens about the size of a thin hardback that many believe could spell the end for the printed book: the crucial technology is called E-Paper, which...


3 reasons for using ebook

 Enhanced E-Books Are Coming and Will Only Get Better,Better & Best Consumers have already shown that they love e-books for their convenience and accessibility, but ultimately most e-books today are the same as print,...


JNTU previous papers | B-Tech I-Sem | Instrumentation components | November 2008

JNTU ,B.Tech I-Semester, INSTRUMENTATION COMPONENTS, November 2008                                           (Electronics & Control Engineering) SET-4   1. (a) Explain the Basic principle of Mechanical Linkages. (b) Illustrate a mechanical system using linkages.   2. (a) What...