Ebooks vs Textbooks

Change at a Glance
Rising eBook sales almost make up for decline in old-fashioned paperbacks. Sales of eBook novels quadrupled last year, almost making up for the sharp decline in sales of old-fashioned physical books, new figures from the book industry show.
  • The sales increase of £54 million almost entirely made up for the £57 million decline in sales of traditional paperback novels. According to the PA’s new Statistics Yearbook, sales of physical books were £489 million in 2011, down from £546 million the year before.
  • However this decline was almost entirely compensated for by the 330 per cent increase in sales of e-novels. Total fiction sales – including both physical and digital books – fell by £3 million to £559 million. A sharp decline in sales of physical fiction titles has been almost entirely accounted for by sales of ebooks.
  • eBook sales have been boosted over the last year by strong sales of erotic fiction. This is due to the lack of a book sleeve on an reader, which ensures that the book being read remains anonymous.

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