E-book Sales Grew Up

  Digital book sales have risen by 54% in the past year The market for e-books, downloads and online subscriptions had more than trebled since 2007, The story of the year is a decline in physical sales almost being compensated for by a strong performance in digital, Related posts: Companies Act Case Law Reliance Natural … Read more

E- book: An Effective Communication Tool

  Ebooks are effective means of communication.They allow you to express your ideas in a unique way that will reach many people. E-books are the latest successful communication trend. 1. As Technology Advances, Communication Advances. We live in a digital age. The popularity of blogs shows the influence that the internet has had on our … Read more

Simmitronics launches world’s most affordable tablet in UAE

  India based company Simmitronics launched in UAE a tablet which it claims to be world’s cheapest costing justĀ AED 299 ($81 or Rs.4,505). Speaking at a press launch in Dubai, Indrajit Sabharwal, Chairman and Managing Director of Simmtronics, described the new development as result of a revolutionary leap in computing technology that enabled tablet makers … Read more