Will E-books sound the death knell for print ?

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A Hit to Print

An eBook is cheap to produce and cheap to buy. Their environmental impact is trifling. They are easy to store, tote, and transfer. In many cases, they can also be interactive. The only thing that an eBook might not be able to provide you is the feel of holding an old fashioned book in your hand, and the smell of the pages! But who says that holding a swish i Pad or Kindle in your hand cannot be a source of as much joy : )
In fact, with storage space being what it is today, you could hold hundreds of eBooks in one hand gizmo, which can serve as a proverbial library you can carry along wherever you go. An eBook is basically the short form for electronic book, which offers text and images in digital form. This can definitely lead us to Get an end  to bulk printing and of course to store more oxygen.

Very soon eBooks in India will be used in a very wide scale and is going to take the education industry in India to storm.

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