Response to E-books from India

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E-Book’s  in India response 

Electronic books might give hardcover books a run for their money worldwide but they continue to get lukewarm response in India. With more than 15,000 publishing houses generating content in more than 24 regional languages, experts feel India has huge potential for eBooks, specially post the increasing technological awareness among the people is hampering its growth here.
People are now need to be educated about eBooks in India. Its a new concept here which is already popular in the West. The present situation is growing and We feel future of eBooks is bright,”. “As more and more publishers are digitizing their content, things will change. EBook’s’ never go out of stock and its supply chain is very efficient”. India needs a technological revolution to take eBooks to masses and if that happens, hardcover books will have a tough time.
“Ebooks have a lot of advantages. If you do not want to take the full book, than pay only for the chapters you want. Once publishers start digitizing their content, eBooks’ will be very cheap,”
It is better to embrace technology to change and mold accordingly.

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