Sample Paper | Class IX | English | CBSE | 2008

Sample Paper | Class IX | English | CBSE | 2008

Sample Paper – 2008

Subject – English

Class – IX


Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                           Marks: 100


This paper consists of four sections.

Section A – Reading                20 marks

Section B – Writing                 20 marks

Section C – Grammar              20 marks

Section D – Literature             20 marks


  1. 1.     Attempt all questions.
  2. 2.     Do not write anything in the question paper.
  3. 3.     All the answers must be correctly numbered as in the question paper and written in the answer sheet provided to you.
  4. 4.     Attempt all questions in each section before going on to the next section.
  5. 5.     Read each question carefully and follow the instructions.
  6. 6.     Strictly adhere to the word limit given with each question.  Marks will be deducted for exceeding the word limit.


                   SECTION    A READING



A.1 Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow:     (8marks)


(To the lady behind me)

Dear Madam, you have seen this play:

I never saw it till today.

You know the details of the plot

But, let me tell you, I do not.

The author seeks to keep from me

The murderer’s identity,

And you are not a friend of his

If you keep shouting who it is.

The actors in their funny way.

Have several funny things to say,

But they do not amuse me more

If you have said them just before.

The merit of the drama lies

I understand, in some surprise;

But the surprise now must be small

Since you have just foretold all.

The lady you have brought with you

Is, I infer, a half-wit, too.

But I can understand the piece

Without assistance from your niece.

In short, foul woman, it would suit

Me just as well if you were mute;

In fact, to make my meaning plain,

I trust you will not speak again.

And – may I add one human touch?

Don’t breathe upon my neck so much.

A.1.1 Below you can see a page from the poet’s diary which summarises the incident related in the poem.  Fill in the blanks with ONE word only.  Write the answers in your answer sheets against the correct blank number.                           (4marks)

Last evening I went to the theatre to see a a) _____________________________.  A woman and here b)_______________________ were sitting in the row at my back.  The woman went on c)________________________ all the time while watching the play.  It was clear from her talk that she had d)________________________ the play earlier also and knew all the e)_________________________________ of the story.  She kept telling her niece what was going to f)__________________ next and thus spoiled for me all the charm of the play.  When I could bear it no longer I asked her bluntly to keep g)__________________________ and also not to breathe upon my h)_______________.

A1.2 Find words in the poem that have the same meaning as the following.  Write your answers in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. (4marks)

a)     story

b)    conclude

c)     foolish

d)    silent



A.2 Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions:

Children And TV

  1. 1.     Satellite TV providing the viewing for 24 hours a day, is leading to an increase in the health problems in children. Leading neurologist Sanjay Batra states “Children are now glued for longer hours to the television leading to the increase in the PHOTO STIMULUS SENSITIVE EPILEPSY OR THE TELEVISION INDUCED EPILEPSY. Dr. Sanjay Batra advises the parents to limitize their children viewing the television or to give them the breaks at the regular intervals during the long spells of the television watching.
  2. 2.     A recent study also showed an alarming trend of the sleep disturbances in children caused by the television viewing. Increased amount of the television also has the effect of the child becoming sleepy during the day time and thus affecting the health. It can lead to the other sleep problems such as difficulty in getting to and staying sleeping.
  3. 3.     Public concern over the issue of the television watching has increased in the recent times with the reports of the fatal encounters of the children who have died as a result of imitating television heroes. However, much can be done to see that the children do not grow into desperadoes; parental intervention of viewing television is one of them.
  4. 4.     Contrary to the popular belief that the cartoons are harmless, many studies show that they contain violent portrayals that make the children aggressive. Children are very impressionable and cannot tell the difference between the cartoon or the real violence. Studies in Kansas, USA, has proved that the children who watch the violent shows, even just “funny cartoons”, were more likely to hit out at their playmates, argue, disobey the class rules and leave tasks unfinished more often than those who watch the non violent programmes.
  5. 5.     Programmes meant for the children are laced with violence which is not very discernible; for instance the domestic violence and the use of the brutal words. A recent study conducted by NCERT indicates that violence on the small screen can lead to aggressive behavior in children. Televised violence affects its viewers in three ways: learning aggressive attitudes, desensitization to the violence and fear of being victimized by violence. More often that not, the perpetrators of the violence are the role models for the kids. Gang fights which earlier used to be in the older age groups now are seen among the younger ones. Often the perpetrators of violence in the serials are left unpunished. While some bad characters may be punished at the end of the story, heroes rarely show any remorse or seldom criticized for bashing up the villain, often to the death. Watching do-gooders like cops inflicting violence in their line of duty may suggest to a child that violence is a desirable trait in life.


A.2.1 On the basis of the paragraph write the effects of the TV viewing. (8)




          TV viewing                                                          Effects





Long hours of TV viewing                          (a) …………………………………..

                                                                     (b) …………………………………..




Imitating the TV HEROES                         © ……………………………………




Cartoon viewing                                          (d) …………………………………..

                                                                     (e) …………………………………..

                                                                     (f) …………………………………..




Programmes laced with                              (g) …………………………………..

Violence                                                       (h) ………………………………….




A2.2 Find the words or the phrases from the passage which means  the same as: (4)

a)    Unable to stop watching something. (1)

b)    Disturbing, causing anxiety. (2)

c)     Someone who is very easily influenced by the people around him and by what he is told. (4)

d)    Those who have committed a crime or the violent act (5)




B.1. You are Radhika/ Rajesh of National Public School, Bilaspur.  Being incharge of the cultural committee of your school, you are given a letter by your Principal about an Inter school Cultural Fiesta your school has to take part in.  Write a notice, in not more than 50 words, including relevant details from the letter, asking students to appear for selection.  Do not give extra information.  Put the notice in a box.               (5 marks)


HillMountSchool, Bilaspur.


30 October, 2005


The Principal,

NationalPublic School,




Our school is conducting a cultural fiesta on the 26th of this month.  The events for competition include music, dance and skit.  We would appreciate if the students of your prestigious institution participate and make our show a grand success.  Attractive prizes will be awarded to the Winners.

Thank you very much,

Yours faithfully,

Padmini Sundaram



B.1 You are the head boy\girl of the Modern public School. Delhi. You have attended a meeting of the principal and the teachers to start the summer coaching classes for the 10th, 11th and the 12th classes. Draft a notice and mention the timings, subjects’ and the extra fee for the same. It must be in 50 words (5)


B.2 Ganesh writes a letter to his father, given below. Later he decides to send the telegram. Read the letter and draft the telegram.


21,Gandhi Street



June 28, 2004


Dear Father


I hope this letter finds you in the best of the health. I have to inform you that the engagement of cousin Vijay is fixed for July 9 in Mumbai. Uncle wanted you to attend the same. Mother says that you can reach Mumbai on the same date right from your tour.

We will leave for Mumbai on July 8 night and will be staying at Hotel maharani at Dadar.

You can make your schedule accordingly.

See you at Mumbai.


With regards

Your loving son



B.3 Write an article for the school magazines on the introduction of the new gadgets. Take the help of the unit “Science”. (10 marks)



B.4 You are Mr. Rajeev Reddy, owner of a diary farm at Kumarapalayam.  Recently one of your cows died because of eating a polythene bag which got stuck in its food pipe.  Write a letter to the editor regarding the nuisance caused by polythene bags and requesting the authorities to ban the use of polythene bags in not more than 150 words.                        10 MARKS








C.1 Complete the passage below with a suitable word.

 (1\2 x 8 = 4)


The saguaro is the giant of the cactus family, often reaching (a) ……… height of 50 feet. It is (b) ………..of the slowest growing plants. A saguaro may (c) ……. 20 to 50 years old when only a yard high.

The saguaro is the sky scraper of (d) ………. Desert plants.

After a downpour of the roots, which are only a (e) ……….. inches deep, soak up the moisture with wonderful efficiency, transporting hundred  gallons (f) ……. The saguaro stem. A mature saguaro weighs as much as 10 tones, four fifth or more (g) ……….. which is water. The largest saguaros have been found to be about 200 years old. Its fruit (h) …………….has a red pulp resembles that of a water melon.



C2.    Below you can see a set of instructions for making Carroty halwa. Complete the following paragraph. (4)


½ kg carrots, ½ litre milk, 100 gm of khoa, 1 cup of water, 100g sugar, 3 tablespoonful of oil and 5-6 cardamoms.


Wash, scrape and grate the carrots. Cook carrots alongwith he milk in a vessel. Add fat and fry when the milk dries up. Add sugar and crushed cardamoms. Fry till the oil comes out. Mix khoa well and remove it from the fire.


The carrots are washed, scarped and grated. They (a) _______________________________ vessel. Fat(b) _________________________ when the milk dries up. Sugar and crushed cardamoms are added to it and then it (c) _________________________ out. Khoa (d) ______________________________ fire.

C3. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences.                           (4)

a.  Sports /  building/ physical strength / necessary / are / for

b. They/ sportsmanship/ cooperation/ include/ and

c. Sports / bring/ definitely/ closer to /man / man

e)     to be/by/their example/needs/us all/followed

     C4.          Find an error, the first is done. (1\2 x 8 = 4)


Television they said is a boon, but is it really                said – say

So? I have nothing but trouble from this                       a

Wonderful machine. My son fail his twelfth                  b

Standards spending more time in front of it

Than study. My husband has quit his job and               c

Sits at home as that he doesn’t miss out on his             d

Favorite programmes. A machine is blaring                  e

Out twenty four hours a day at a unbearable volume    f

In my home – its so loud that the neighbors



C5. Using the information in the headlines fill in the blanks below.  Write the answer in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.  Do not copy the whole sentence.

(4 marks)


Shahpur police report that a ___________________________ in the Nasir Khan murder case.


An Indian school boy from Mirzabad ________________________ at the International Youth Chess Tournament inRome, beating over 50 other contestants.


An I.S.R.Q.  scientist _____________________________ to the enemy.


Last Monday several Australian tourists __________________________________ while surfing off Pasiraman beach.



                 SECTION  – D


D1.Read the lines below and answer the following:

I came from the haunts of coot and hern

A make a sudden sally

And sparkle out among the fern

To bicker down a valley                      ( 1+1+2+1)

a)     Explain “made a sudden sally”.

b)    How does the brook sparkle?

c)     What does bicker mean? Why did the poet use it here?

d)    Name the poetic device.


D2.Why does Lord Ullin’s daughter defy her father and elope with her lover?  Does she succeed in her mission? How/How not?                       (5 marks)

D3.Read the extract and answer the questions that follow in one or two lines:                                                                                                                                                    (1+1+2=4)

‘She sent little Jean to Monseigneur to ask for help, and –’

  1. Who sent little Jean to Bishop?
  2. What did she want from him?
  3.  How did the Bishop arrange to fulfil her needs?


D4.Why was Arun alone at the platform?                                   (4 marks)


D5.One month after the marriage Ramanujan writes a letter to kamakshi about what Thanappa had done. Draft a letter.?                        (8 marks)


D6.That was a trick to lure away some secret out f you” What was the trick, and who played it?  (4 marks)

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