RS Aggarwal Chapter 8 Class 10 Maths Exercise 8.1 (ex 8a) Solutions

RS Aggarwal Chapter 8 Class 10 Maths Exercise 8.1 Solutions: “Trigonometric Identities” is one of the best complementary study resources for a complete chapter review. Once you go through your NCERT Mathematics textbook or your other course books and practice all the questions, you should refer to the RS Aggarwal book for different types of practice questions.

There are 37 questions in practice based on trigonometric identities. Most of them are evidence-based questions where you have to prove that the LHS is equivalent to the RHS using different trigonometric identities. To solve these questions, you must have a complete understanding of trigonometric identities.

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Important Definition for RS Aggarwal Chapter 8 Class 10 Maths Ex 8a Solutions

RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter 8 lets you know that:

  • sin A = side opposite to angle A /Hypotenuse
  • cos A = side adjacent to angle A/hypotenuse
  • tan A = side opposite to angle A/ side adjacent to angle A

In RS Aggarwal Solutions for Chapter – ‘Trigonometric Identities’, you will get to understand that if one of the trigonometric ratios of an acute angle is given to you, then you can easily determine the remaining trigonometric ratios.

  • cosec A = 1/sin A ; sec A = 1/cos A ; tan A = 1/cot A, tan A = sin A /cos A

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