NDA preparation tips

NDA Preparation Tips | Study Plan and Short Cut Tricks

NDA preparation tips
NDA study plan, Preparation Tips and tricks

Donning the military uniform and dedicating one’s life to the service of the nation invokes a sense of awe and charisma among the youth. For anyone aiming for a career in the armed forces, the National Defence Academy, which is the cradle of military leadership in India, remains the biggest drawcard. Every year, a few lakh youngsters apply for the NDA exam held by the UPSC and only a few hundred make the cut. Needless to say, the competition is fierce and you need to put in your 100 percent and then some to secure your chances of getting through. Irrespective of whether it is your first attempt or you have tried before, the all-important how to crack NDA exam question ought to weigh on your mind. These NDA preparation tips and shortcuts will help channelize your efforts toward success:

Know the Syllabus

A lot of students take the NDA exam preparation easy on the account that the exam is based on CBSE syllabus. While it is true that the exam will be based on your school level syllabus, it is an exam conducted by the UPSC and you must be prepared for even the simplest concepts being tested with trick questions. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest NDA syllabus and keep up with all the UPSC NDA notifications during the course of your preparation.

Exam Pattern

The NDA exam is divided into two parts – Mathematics and General Ability. The latter comprises English and general knowledge. The mathematics section of the exam has 120 questions carrying 300 marks and a duration of 150 minutes. The general ability exam has 150 questions carrying 600 marks. The total duration of the written exam is 2.30 hours.

So, apart from being well-versed with the syllabus, you also need to be quick to be able to finish your paper with as much accuracy as possible. This kind of speed and accuracy can only be achieved through a thorough preparation.

NDA Preparation Tips for Mathematics

The mathematics paper for NDA entrance exam will be derived from relatively simple concepts like distance, time and speed, angles, trigonometry and pie charts, but always presented with twists. Not to mention, the 150 minute time limit gives you with an average of 1.25 minutes to solve one question. These NDA maths shortcut tricks can help you ace this section:

  • Brush up formulas, calculations and methods right from Class 5 to Class 12.
  • Make short notes of these in a handy notepad as you go along, to be able to revise them from time to time.
  • Solve as many questions related to one concept as possible.
  • Test your understanding of different concepts and their application by solving NDA mock test and NDA previous year papers.

NDA Preparation Books


NDA Preparation Tips for General Ability

The general ability paper is tests your English skills, general knowledge and IQ levels. If you are prepared well, this segment of the NDA entrance exam can be immensely scoring.

The English section comprises 50 question carrying 200 marks related to grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. Here are a few tips to help you improve upon your basic English skills and score well in this section:

  • Practice grammar rules with help of renowned study material like the Wren and Martin Grammar book.
  • Dedicate some time to every aspect of grammar – articles, prepositions, conjunctions and so on.
  • Focus on four core skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Enhance your vocabulary by learning at least 5 new words everyday and practice their usage until you have internalised them.
  • Practice with online NDA mock test and NDA previous year papers.

The general knowledge section has 100 questions carrying 400 marks and with the right preparation you can secure a full score in this section. These NDA preparation tips will come in handy in your pursuit:

  • Focus on Indian history, international affairs, politics, sports, current events, banking, taxes, art, geography, literature, awards and achievements.
  • Read the newspaper from cover to cover every day and make notes of all the important headlines, along with key information in the report written in bullet points.
  • Brush up physics, chemistry and biology up to Class 12 and SST and economics up to Class 10.
  • Refer to general knowledge books like the Manorama Year Book.
  • Learn from a combination of sources like GK-centric websites, ebooks, online journals and blogs.

Take NDA Mock Tests

Based on these preparation tips, develop your own NDA study plan with which you can cover the entire syllabus in-depth, revise, re-revise and practice with mock tests and sample papers. This year the NDA entrance exam is slated to be held on April 21 and November 17. You still have enough time to nail it.

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