IIT Kanpur Syllabus for Engineering Geosciences Civil Engineering

IIT Kanpur Syllabus for Engineering Geosciences

Civil Engineering




CE 321: Engineering Geosciences

Course content:  Introduction to geosciences in civil engineering, Plate tectonics (Continental drift, sea-floor spreading, types of plates and plate motion); Introduction to rock forming minerals (silicate structure, physical and chemical properties of minerals); Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks (texture; engineering properties); Geological Structures (fold, fault, joint, unconformity; engineering applications); Seismology and Earthquakes, magnitude and intensity, seismic hazard, earthquake prediction; Types of mass wasting events; Geological time scale and principles of stratigraphy; Weathering and soil formation; Surface processes and landforms (rivers, coastal, and groundwater), Environmental geology; Geology of India, Criteria for site selection of dams, tunnels, waste disposal.



Suggested text and reference material: 

  1. Understanding Earth (5th edition) by Grotzinger, Jordan, Press and Siever, Freeman and Company.
  2. Geology Applied to Engineering by Terry West, Prentice Hall.
  3. Dynamic of Earth by Skinner and Porter
  4. Structural Geology by M. P. Billings
  5. Essentials of Geology by Frederick Lutgens


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