IIT Kanpur Syllabus Geoinformatics Civil Engineering

IIT Kanpur Syllabus

 Geoinformatics Civil Engineering




CE 331: Geoinformatics

Course content:  Basic concepts of surveying-basic measurements and errors in measurements;  Linear measurements-Tape, EDMI, Optical;  Angle measurements-fundamental of Theodolite, adjustment;  Vertical control-level surfaces, methods of levelling, contouring;  Coordinate systems and datum transformation-Geoid, MSL, reference systems, transformation,  map projection;  Control surveys-traverse, triangulation, trilateration;  Errors and adjustment-least squares adjustment;  Total station survey-features and their use;  GPS survey-basics and survey methods; Construction surveys-setting out civil engineering structures.


Suggested text and reference material: 

Schofield, W, Engineering Surveying, Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford
K. R. Arora, Surveying, Standard Book House, Delhi
B. C. Punamia, Surveying, Standard Book House, Delhi
P. R. Wolf and C. D. Ghilani, Adjustment Computations, John Wiley, NY
K. K. Rampal, Textbook ofPhotogrammetry, Oxford & IBH Publishing, New Delhi
Paul Wolf, Elements ofPhotogrammetry, McGraw Hill, Singapore (ISE)




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