IIT Kanpur Syllabus for Civil Engineering

IIT Kanpur Syllabus for Civil Engineering

CE 351: Soil Mechanics

Course content:  Stresses within a soil, effective stress principle, stress point and stress path, Soil – water systems- capillarity, flow, Darcy’s law, permeability, and tests for its determination, different heads, piping, quicksand condition, seepage, flow nets, Compressibility and consolidation characteristics, Strength and direct and triaxial shear tests, Mohr – Coulomb strength criterion, drained, consolidated undrained  and  undrainedtests, strength of loose and dense sands, NC and OC soils, dilation, pore pressures, Skempton’s coefficients, etc. Compaction characteristics, water content – dry unit weight relationships, OMC, max. dry unit weight, field compaction control, etc.

Suggested text and reference material: 

Craig RF., Craig’s Soil Mechanics., 2004, Taylor and Francis, New York, USA.

Das BM., Advanced Soil Mechanics., 2008, Taylor and Francis, New York, USA.

Lambe TW., and Whitman RV., Soil Mechanics., 2000, John Wiley and Sons (Asia), Singapore.


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