IIT BHU Syllabus Pottery and Porcelain


IIT BHU Syllabus  Pottery and Porcelain


Pottery and Porcelain

Manufacture, properties and uses of floor and wall tiles, table wares, sanitary wares, art wares, dental porcelains, bonechina, parian, electrical porcelains, chemical stone wares, chemical porcelains, refractory porcelains. Types of insulator

bodies, low tension products, high voltage and high frequency insulators, low loss insulators, cordierite ceramics,

steatite ceramics, honeycomb ceramics and other new ceramic materials.

Details of glazes, their properties and uses: Lead, leadless, opaque, transparent, crystalline, matt and colored glazes.

Decoration in glaze, under glaze and on glaze, computerized decoration. Fast firing of glaze decoration.

Instrumentation in ceramic processing. Microstructure and its effects on the properties

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