IIT BHU Syllabus Pollution Control in Ceramic Industries


IIT BHU Syllabus  Pollution Control in Ceramic Industries



Pollution Control in Ceramic Industries

Different kinds of industrial pollution and their origin and influence on human being. The emission from burning coal,

pet coke, furnace oil and their analysis. The improvement of combustion processes to reduce the formation of Nox, Sox,

Co etc. The fine particles released from the crushing grinding of the ceramic raw materials. The equipment and

methods to arrest the release of fine particulate materials and unwanted gases to atmosphere. Chemicals used in

different ceramic industries e.g. Tiles, Potteries, Refractory, and Glass industries. Possibility of leaching  of the

chemicals to ground water and to rivers and lakes. Possible ways to stop the leaching of suitable chemicals. Different

types of pollution created from the solid wastes in the ceramic industries and the possibility of recycling them. Sound

and noise pollutions and their minimization techniques.

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