IIT BHU Syllabus for Refractories


IIT BHU Syllabus Refractories



Different kinds of Monolithics Refractories and their design aspects. Advantages of Monolithic Refractories over

shaped Refractories. Magnesia Carbon, Alumina Carbon Refractories, Manufacturing and properties. Slide gate plate,

SEN and shrouds. Spinel, Zircon, Borides, Carbides, Nitride Refractories. Manufacturing and properties of synthetic

raw materials. Insulating refractories of different kinds, their manufacturing and properties. Carbon Refractories

manufacturing and properties. Application of refractories in Blast furnace, Coke oven, Hot metal mixer, Basic oxygen

furnace, Electric Arc furnace, ladles and continuous casting. Refractory application in copper, Aluminium, Cement and

lime, rotary kiln, glass industry, Microstructure study and its importance to characterize  Refractory product.

Application of sintering, phase diagram in refractory technology.

ELECTIVE   PAPER(One elective paper to be chosen out of the following)

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