IIT BHU Syllabus B Tech Glass Technology


IIT BHU Syllabus

Glass Technology


 Glass Technology

Glass making raw materials, criteria for selection of raw materials, concept of batch house operations, glass melting

and homogenization, addition of cullet to the batch, reactions amongst the constituents of glass, thermal currents and

flow pattern in the glass tank furnace, electrical boosting and bubbling of glasses, Defects in glass, bubbles and seeds,

cords, stresses and colour inhomogeneity and their remedies, annealing of glasses.

Manufacture of glasses: Glass forming machines, Manufacture of glass bottles, rods, tubes, bulbs and bangles, glass

blocks  and laboratory glass wares, sheet, plate and rolled glass, toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass, glass

fiber and wool, foam glass, optical and ophthalmic glasses by blowing and / or pressing process with semi-automatic

and fully automatic machines,  preparation of  photosensitive and photochromic glasses.

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