IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Ceramic Cement, Concrete and Composites

IIT BHU Varanasi Syllabus Ceramic Cement, Concrete and Composites



Cement, Concrete and Composites.

Constitution of ordinary Portland cement, Crystal structure of anhydrous cement compounds and their hydration

product. Action of acid, alkali and sulphate water on cement phases.

Different types of cement:- Quick setting  cement, low heat cement, Blast furnace slag cement, Trief cement , Sorrel

cement, White and coloured cement, Iron ore cement, Oil well cement, Hydrophobic cement, Water proof cement,

Masonry cement, expanding and self stressing cement, Sulphate resisting cement, Super sulphate cement, High alumina

and other refractory cements, refractory castables. Pozzolana and Pozzolanic  cements.

Hydration of anhydrous cement and cement compounds cementing qualities of cement compounds, formation of C-S-H

and generation of skelton of artificial cement stone. Phase equilibria in cement hydration, effect of alkalis, fluorides and

other minor constituents on the hydration of cement, role of free magnesia and free lime in cement, various theories of

cement hydration and modern views, structure of hydrated cement phases and gels, steam curing of cement.

Additives and their classification- accelerators retarders, workability aids, water proofers, pigments and colorants, airentraining agent, surface active agents and cement base protective coating, plain and fiber reinforce concrete, different

types of fibers, glass fiber, steel fiber, polymer fiber, carbon fiber, polymer concrete.

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