IIT BHU Syllabus Ceramic Fabrication Processes


IIT BHU Syllabus

Ceramic Fabrication Processes




Ceramic Fabrication Processes 

Raw Materials: Processing of raw materials, powder  preparation by solid state reactions, chemical methods and

vapour phase reactions.  Freeze drying and spray drying and sol-gel processing of ceramic powders.

Colloidal Processing: Types of colloids, electrostatic and polymeric stabilization of colloids, rheology of colloidal

suspensions.  Clay water system, thixotropy, slip casting and tape casting.

Powder consolidation and forming of ceramics: Packing of particles, additives and their selection in the forming

processes.  Extrusion, dry and semi-drying pressing methods, isostatic pressing, hot pressing.  Plastic forming

methods, injection moulding.  Drying of formed bodies and removal of binders.

Sintering of Ceramics:  Driving forces for sintering, defects and diffusion in solids, solid state and viscous sintering,

liquid phase sintering, grain growth.  Clinkering and vitrification.  Microstructure control during firing.  Microwave



Recommended Books:

1. Processing and Sintering of Ceramics by M. N. Rahman.

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