How To Prepare for CBSE Class 9 SA2 Exams

CBSE class 9 is the most crucial stage where students need to focus more on the subjects as it sets the concepts of a student for the next board examination.


On Kopykitab, students are offered free, comprehensive and up-to-date study material so that the students can prosper academically.   Class 9 Books and study material are designed and developed by a team of talented professionals.

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At Kopykitab, the syllabus is not only well-written and executed but also contains the relevant information and guidelines that assist students with their exam preparation.

  • Science Syllabus

The CBSE science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) syllabus for class 9 is prepared under the strict guidance of academic experts. Students can refer to the updated CBSE science syllabus for class 9 here and start their studies in an organized manner with the latest Class 9 Science Book available online.

  • Math Syllabus

Math is a vital subject and students need to have good basic knowledge in this subject for further study. Refer to the latest Class 9 Maths Book according to latest syllabus.

  • Social Science Syllabus

The syllabus in Social Science helps students gain detailed knowledge of cultural, social, political and economic growth of the society. Start studying Social from the best Class 9 Social Science Book designed according to the latest syllabus.

  • Hindi Syllabus

Hindi is an important language and largely used for communication in varied parts of the country. Written in ‘Devnagari’ or ‘Nagari’ scripts, the Hindi language is considered as a mother tongue in some northern regions of India. Be well prepared for Hindi exam with the latest Class 9 Hindi Book available online.

  • English Syllabus

English is the most expressive and creative language and needs focus and concentration. Refer to the best Class 9 English Book for scoring more.

CBSE Class 9 Reference Books

Serial No Subjects Books
1 Maths NCERT Text Book For Class IX Mathematics
2 Science NCERT Textbook Science For Class-IX
3 Hindi NCERT Samakalin Bharat I – Bhugol class 9NCERT A Textbook in Hindi For Class 9 A Kshitiz PaNCERT Textbook In Hindi Kritika Part-1 For Class 9

NCERT Textbook in Hindi For Class 9 Sparsh Part-1

NCERT Textbook in Hindi-B For Class 9 Sanchayan

4 English NCERT The Textbook in English for Class 9 BeehiveNCERT Supplementary Reader in English for Class 9
5 Social Science NCERT India and the contemporary World I – History class 9NCERT Textbook for Class 9 EconomicsNCERT Textbook in Geography for Class 9 Social Science

NCERTText Book In Political Science For Class IX

CBSE Class 9 Practice Paper

Kopykitab providing you an APP that has “solved CBSE previous years’ question papers & question banks for free as well as solved CBSE sample papers for class 9 for students who will appear for the exam in 2016.

Tips & Tricks

  • Study according to your time table: Each student has a unique way of studying. Some study well in the morning while some prefer studying during night. Therefore, create a time-table that matches your requirements and the one which you can actually follow.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice makes a man perfect; therefore include practice in your study routine. As soon as you finish a topic, try to recall all the important points and jot them down in paper for further reference.
  • Your health should be your priority: Since a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, pay attention to your fitness. Include healthy diet in your routine and do physical exercises regularly and catch adequate amount of sleep.

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