How to prepare for CBSE class 10th Maths

CBSE ‘s Class X second term exams may seem far off but it’s never too soon to start studying. Maths, a traditionally ‘difficult’ subject is also very scoring. Here are some tips!


Second term:

Algebra (cont.)                                Marks 26
Quadratic Equations
Arithmetic Prodressions
Commercial Mathematics            Marks 12
Geometry (cont.)                             Marks 22
Trigonometry (cont.)                      Marks 10
Heights and Distances
Probability                                       Marks 12
Coordinate Geometry                   Marks 08
Mensuration                                   Marks 10
Areas Related to Circles
Surface Areas and Volumes    Total Marks 100

The questions are based on       

Knowledge                   Marks 31
Understanding             Marks 45
Application                    Marks 12
Skill                                Marks 12
Total Marks 100


Prepare a list of all important formulae and concepts for quick revision
Understand the usage of the formulae
If there are any doubts clear your doubts as soon as possible from your teacher
Focus on NCERT books for studying as majority of exam revolves around NCERT books, but practice questions from other books in addition to NCERT
Complete all NCERT questions and solved examples
Practice a few questions from previous chapters as you study a new chapter. This will make sure you stay in touch with the concepts.
Practice writing down the steps you take for solving a question as the process also gains marks.
Do not skip any topic, complete the syllabus thoroughly
Feel free to think out your answers on rough paper. It helps in understanding the question quicker and you can use a column in your answer sheet for rough work during exams.
Pay attention to details, a single misplaced decimal sign or – or + can lead to an incorrect answer in questions you otherwise know.
Always write out questions even if you know them mentally, writing helps improve your answering style
Practice answering previous year papers and sample papers within the time limits of the official exam.
Definitely practice the last 5 year question papers
Identify trends in the question paper
Identify your weak areas, where you are unable to answer and where you answer incorrectly
Increase your speed in answering so you are able to complete the exam and have some time for revision during the exam
Create a study schedule and focus on studying and practicing weak areas and doing a few practice questions in areas you are comfortable in.
With theorems and concepts remember to understand the applications thoroughly.
Keep your formulae/concept list with you and read it at least 3 times a day.
Long answer questions are scoring and generally come from algebra, geometry, mensuration and trigonometry, so prepare accordingly

Relax and practice, practice, practice to ace your Maths exam!

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  1. Thanks for the guidance CBSE question papers of yester examinations helps to brush up the knowledge on the areas of the syllabus. Nowdays people access CBSE books, sample paper etc online.I came accross this – and for me it came out to be useful. All the best for other in their exams.

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